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It’s not a sin to want nice skin, and our guru is here to answer your questions.

Rose from Elixir Skin Fitness is a kick-ass dermal therapist with the know-how and drive to give you a holistic approach to skin and gut health, and her results are undeniable. “I want you to embrace yourself by learning about the connection between skin, gut health and healthy ageing,” she says.

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In one consultation, Rose will get you on the road to mind-blowing results. “It’s about understanding your body, how choices and outside factors affect us differently, then tailoring your skincare, treatment and lifestyle so you age well and feel pretty damn good!”

Nothing beats a visit with Rose! Her approach is tailored to your needs and treatment is layered, but to get you motivated, here are the questions you asked…

How do I get rid of the dark patches under my eyes?

This can be caused by too much coffee, not enough water, lack of sleep or dehydration. It’s also connected to genetics and liver function, and as we get older, the skin around our eyes thins and can show pigmentation and vascularity. Start by reducing your coffee, sugar and alcohol intake; drink two to three litres of water a day; and aim for seven to nine hours of sleep a night. Treatments that can also help include skin needling to stimulate collagen production; and using quality eye products to keep that delicate skin supple and hydrated.

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I’m 40-years-old and have acne. Doctors prescribed antibiotics that dry my skin out terrible and I burn within 10 mins in the sun. How can I restore balance to my face?

Antibiotics will make your skin sensitive so it’s important to stay out of the sun while you’re being treated and always wear sunscreen. They work like a suppressant, so for long-term results you need to look more holistically — including the right skincare, looking at your diet, gut health and introducing probiotic supplements to restore gut and skin health. Come in and we’ll create a plan to get you on the right track.

How do I reduce, get rid of or prevent dark spots on my face and body?

This may be hormonally driven or from excessive sun exposure (which is cumulative over the years). Treatment varies depending on the cause (which we can figure out in a consultation) and may involve targeted products or medical- grade treatment, but in general, avoid the sun as much as possible and always wear sunscreen.

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I’m an ex-smoker. How do I slow down ageing around the mouth?

Congratulations on giving up! Smoking builds up toxicity in the body and skin. The lack of oxygen to cells and the repetitive movement creates very deep lines and wrinkles. We can look at treatments that will detoxify the skin and rebuild collagen to help reduce them.

Doctor in the house

Rose recently welcomed Dr John Holbrook to the Elixir team. “Having a doctor on board enables us to bring a new range of skincare that is completely tailored to your skin. After a consultation, we mix up the ingredients and give you a clean and healthy product that contains nothing nasty — only what’s needed. It’s next- level skincare, especially for inflammation or ageing.”

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Dig deeper

Now you’ve got the bug, Elixir Education events will leave you wanting more! “Building on what we teach you in your consultation, you’ll hear from experts in the field — including naturopaths, exercise physiologists, personal trainers and more. It’s a great atmosphere with nibbles, drinks and you leave with goodies to try at home,” Rose says.

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For more info on these empowering events and taking hold of your own health and wellbeing, get in touch with the Elixir team.


Results may vary. Always speak to your medical professional to decide whether this service is right for you.

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