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We’ve filled you in on CMAX before, and how getting involved with them can help researchers and clinical trials create something great for the world. But now it’s time to focus on YOU!

Have you just had a huge Easter long weekend? Have you taken the phrase “treat yourself” a little too seriously lately, and now you’re in need of some cash? Or maybe, you’re just desperate for a little time and space to recharge and be the best version of yourself.

It’s time for CMAX to repay the favour. While it’s up to each individual to look into the requirements and risks associated with clinical trials (always consult with your GP) and make the decisions for themselves, we can fill you in on all the ways you can come out a winner when you jump on board with CMAX.

Cashed up

Each clinical trial participant is paid for their time – depending on the amount of time the trial takes, or what exactly is involved. And it’s such an easy way to make money! Whether you’re chilling out or using the time to work or study, you’ll be making money at the same time. What a great way to bulk up the old savings account every now and then!

Staycation vibes

If you really look at it, a stay at CMAX is like a mini staycation! Participants are given a window view bed (so you can see out across our city), the ‘room service’ includes a variety of meal options and can accommodate for different serving sizes and dietary requirements, and there’s endless entertainment with guitars, keyboards, board games, television, PlayStation, Netflix, and best of all, unlimited free Wi-Fi. It’s a true timeout from ‘real life’ — amazing!

Proof is in the pudding

As we’ve never taken part in a clinical trial before, we decided to ask around and find out what the experience is REALLY like. Introducing Liam and Cyril!

“It’s a simple, easy and relaxing routine at CMAX! You wake up, have a shower then come back for your dose. After that, the day is up to you! The recreation room has heaps of boardgames, you can watch a movie, get some study or work done — it’s simple and it’s free!” — Liam.

“It will never stop amazing me that I’m getting paid to do my Uni work! Seriously — I can work on my assignments and make progress on my degree while staying at CMAX, which means I’m making money while I study!” — Cyril.

There is absolutely no need to make an uninformed decision — we wouldn’t — so jump online at and get in touch with the team to find out more information and learn about the trials that are coming up. And from there, it’s one hundred percent your decision if you proceed to the sign up or screening stages. But at least now, you’re that little more knowledgeable about what YOU could get out of taking part in a CMAX trial. You’re welcome!



*This information is for general information purposes only. While we give our honest opinion about the products, services and businesses we review, you should always make your own assessment about what is right for you and your personal circumstances. We don’t recommend or endorse any particular product, service or business, and any reliance you place on the information we provide is, therefore, strictly at your own risk. Participating in a clinical trial is not right for everybody and associated risks or side effects can differ from person to person. Please consult your health practitioner as to whether participating in a clinical trial is right for you.
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