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There’s nothing that elevates a room quite like some beautiful blooms. And there’s no one who has mastered the art of floristry quite like MaryJane (MJ) from MJ FLORAL AND EVENTS! Here’s a little bit about her and how she can help you bring your event to life…

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MJ had only just opened her business three months before Covid struck and in turn, threw us all into a very different way of living. We all remember what this time looked like — social distancing and lockdowns put a big old ‘thorn’ into any kind of fun, so the opportunity to create flamboyant florals for parties and events was sadly out the door. What in the ‘carnation’ did she do?!


Well, MJ ‘rose’ to the occasion and managed to perform the perfect pivot. She decided to start working with artificial and preserved blooms… and as it turns out — they were an absolute hit! From here, her business really evolved and she was able to provide a niche service that not all florists were offering. 

Despite still being able to supply fresh flowers when required, MJ now finds that her faux blooms are so popular, they’ve become her main source of business. The best part — all her artificial flowers are carefully packed away in their protective little boxes after each use, ready to be transformed again for the next celebration. We LOVE how environmentally friendly this is!

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So where do you start if you want some blooms for your upcoming bash? Don’t worry, MJ will guide you through the whole process! She’ll look at your space, determine your style and work out whether the vision you’re working towards is traditional or modern, simplistic or extravagant. Basically, she’ll give you a ‘peony’ for your thoughts, and go from there!

Image Credit :: Yanni Stath

MJ FLORAL AND EVENTS specialises in weddings, bridal showers, engagements, baby showers, christenings, birthdays, kitchen teas and, well, any event that could do with some pretty petals really! From simple table florals and bouquets, to elaborate garlands and arches, the possibilities will be endless when you sit down and chat with MJ.

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If you’re planning an event, don’t be a ‘daffo-dil’— give MJ FLORAL AND EVENTS a call. Floral decor is one detail that can really liven any space and make a lasting impression on your guests.


Carrie Raymond

Carrie Raymond

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