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You wouldn’t let someone without a licence drive your car, so don’t take any risks when it comes to a building inspection.

My jaw dropped when I heard you can be a building inspector without being a licensed builder — and I’m sure I’m not alone. The good news? House Inspect Australia is determined to give you what you deserve when it comes to your biggest investment.

Mama of two, Litsa Adamou works alongside her partner in life and business, Barney, and with their business associate, Mike Pearl, they’re the backbone of House Inspect Australia. Founded by Mike eight years ago, House Inspect Australia is a proudly South Australian owned and operated business with a branch in New South Wales. This kick-ass queen is a qualified building inspector holding a current builder’s licence, and she’s more than breaking the glass ceiling — she’s shattering it.

“Currently, you don’t need to be a licensed builder to be an inspector, but we know that’s what you need. All ourinspectors hold a builder’s licence and qualifications, so they’re experts at telling you what’s right and wrong with a property. When so much weighs on that advice, it’s vital to get it right!” Litsa explains.

House Inspect Australia knows the areas they operate in like the back of their hand. They can tell you exactly how specific weather, terrain and locally or commonly sourced building materials can affect the quality of a build. “You want to make sure someone knows what they’re talking about — it could make or break your sale or purchase of a home, investment or business. That’s a big deal!” Litsa says.

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These property protectors are on hand to safeguard people like you and I, as well as the builders and the developers on the other side of the equation. “You might be buying, building or selling a house or investment property. Our team has the knowledge to give you the facts upfront, and the skills to thoroughly assess any kind of issues. When it comes to  supporting the builders, we provide independent quality checks during the project and before hand-over to ensure it meets all the codes and standards,” Litsa explains. “We’re there for our customers and the industry — to make it better all round!”

More than anything, this team wants you to hit your goal. “I love that we can take the stress out of such a big transaction and we can give you all the right info to achieve your dream of home ownership or investment.”

It’s no surprise that Litsa has won several awards, and she’s driven to bring others into the fold. “I’m passionate about more females in our next generation getting into the construction industry. It’s no longer just a man’s world!” F

or a top-quality building inspection, get in touch with Litsa and the team — they’ve got your back.



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