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Guest Blog by MedicAlert

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“I have had a couple of severe hypoglycaemic episodes overnight where I haven’t woken up the next morning…”

Image Credit :: MedicAlert

Adeladies love their bling, especially when it could save a life!

As we celebrate National Diabetes Week there is one Inspirational Adelady that’s sharing her story about how her MedicAlert bracelet has changed the way she lives her life.

Eliza Bartlett was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when she was just a little nine year old, and has been subjected to a life of countless daily injections and blood tests ever since.

Image Credit :: MedicAlert

“I was lucky that I was diagnosed before I became too unwell” Eliza says.

“My mum was concerned due to showing many symptoms such as excessive thirst, increased urination, and fatigue. I asked for a quarter off in my netball match which was very out of character for me, so my mum, who was also my coach knew that something was wrong and took me to the GP, where I was soon sent straight to hospital.”

Eliza says diabetes is a disease that requires 24/7 monitoring and awareness.

“I have had a couple of severe hypoglycaemic episodes overnight where I haven’t woken up the next morning. I’m luckily my family have always been around and treated me in these situations.

“It can be very frustrating having to constantly think about how a number of factors will affect your blood sugars and calculate insulin according to these factors. This includes everything from what you eat, duration/intensity of exercise, the weather, stress, medications, the list goes on”

“Despite all of this, I like to think that I haven’t let diabetes affect my everyday life too much!”

Image Credit :: MedicAlert

Eliza’s MedicAlert ID has changed the way she approaches life since it puts her mind at ease and lets her live freely

Eliza says her MedicAlert ID and membership gives her peace of mind that if she needs medical support when she doesn’t have people around her that know about her diabetes, that she can be treated appropriately.

“It could save my life! Especially when travelling overseas alone, or in an environment that people may not know that I have diabetes. I feel safe.”

Determined to do something positive with her experience, Eliza completed a solo walk from Adelaide to Melbourne in 2013 to raise money and awareness for JDRF and is planning to walk across the USA (LA to NY) in 2018.

You go girl!

Image Credit :: MedicAlert


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Image Credit :: MedicAlert

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