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It’s an area that we called ourselves experts in until we found out how much we’d been missing!

The City of Burnside isn’t exactly new territory for us. Some of us grew up in the area, sent kids to the local schools, and we’re regulars at Burnside Village, of course. But we didn’t know that we’d been missing out on huge parts of the experience.

Established in 1856, the City of Burnside is one of Adelaide’s oldest councils. It’s filled with historic and heritage buildings, tree-lined streetscapes, and is an area that celebrates its history — from the Kaurna people to Burnside’s rural settlement and to the beautiful city it is today.

Amongst the new builds, you’ll still find huge old gum trees in Hazelwood Park, and iconic buildings, such as Beaumont House and the Regal Theatre. The City of Burnside believes that these things should be celebrated and passed on for generations, and within the city there are a number of heritage experiences for all to enjoy.

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You can experience history on every corner and enjoy stepping back in time. Here’s how…


A night out at the theatre doesn’t mean what it used to. Now, it’s all about surround-sound and stuffing your face with popcorn, but once upon a time, it was an occasion to get dressed up for a special night out. The beauty of the Regal Theatre still reflects this glamour and has been maintained with so much care as a State Heritage listed iconic attraction.

It may have had a few names over the years — the Princess Theatre, Chelsea Theatre and now, the Regal Theatre — but one thing has never waivered: you can rely on this stately building when you want to watch a good flick or hire it out as a unique space for your next event.

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The sheer beauty of this distinctive Mediterranean character house with its manicured gardens never ceases to amaze me. What originally began as a small five-room cottage built in 1849 by Bishop Short, has been perfected and expanded over many years and is now a proud State Heritage listed building owned by the National Trust of South Australia.

You can join open day tours, which are held on the first Sunday of every month (2pm to 4.30pm), or book a private tour with afternoon tea. Beaumont House also hosts open gardens, olive harvesting, the annual Pioneer Women’s Trail Walk, and is a popular spot for weddings and private functions. We can see why the place screams romance!

For tour and open day bookings call 0468 866 492. For all other enquiries call 8202 9200.

Image credit :: Wayne Pearson


Discover the history of the burbs on your own two feet! The City of Burnside and the Burnside Historical Society have created self-guided walking tour brochures to help you uncover hidden gems while learning more about the architecture — or even discover who lived on each street. It’s Adelaide’s answer to a Hollywood Homes tour!

The walking trails include Beaumont, Beulah Park, Burnside, Eastwood, Glen Osmond, Knightsbridge, Magill, Rose Park, Waterfall Gully and Wesleyan Cemetery, and some of the trails can even be accessed through the Burnside Walks app. With an array of coffee shops and food stops in the area, your destination can always lead to lunch. Which brings me to my next point…

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Keep the history flowing by feasting at a number of restaurants, bars and cafes inside heritage buildings. Some of our top picks include:

Dorrit’s Coffee Shop – We promise good coffee surrounded by gorgeous art at the Pepper Street Arts Centre, which was built around 1880.

Lockwood General – A newbie on the scene, this cafe is housed inside the former corner store on High Street, which was built in the 1870s. Don’t skip brunch, it’s *chef’s kiss*.

Image credit :: Lockwood General, supplied. 

Utopia @ Waterfall Gully – A former kiosk constructed in 1912, this venue now overlooks the lush greenery of Waterfall Gully while serving up coffee, cake, pizza and high tea. What a reward after a hike!

It’s time to go old school and start exploring some of the classical architecture in one of our fave areas of Adelaide. Weekend plans sorted!



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