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By Kirsty Cane

The softest little waves lap the coastline as I walk along the foreshore of Grange Beach. It’s 7:15 am and the sun is about to rise; this time the sky is lit up in three shades of pink, and it looks absolutely spectacular.

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Very few people join me, though up on the walking trail I can see some keen fitness goers – and what a way to exercise, with this view. There is something about witnessing such raw beauty; that Mother Nature can produce such a beautiful concept leaves me in total awe every time.

This is what I love about the outdoors. That something so simply stunning can firstly make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, and secondly, that it can have such a positive impact on oneself. I find that my mood can literally be lifted for the rest of the day – and the best thing about it is that discovering this feeling is totally free.

I really do recommend immersing yourself in the elements at least a few times a week. In my opinion, having that physical contact with the earth re-energises and connects your mind, body and soul to nature, wiping away those unwanted stressors if only for a minute. This morning for instance – my bare feet become one with sand, shell grit, and salt water – and I actually felt currents of adrenaline pumping through me as I wandered along.

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If you are not one for getting your feet sandy or taking a dip, Grange offers a lot more than a white stretch of sand; there is a beautifully constructed jetty in which you can stroll along and of course, fish from. An extremely friendly crowd of Japanese men were perched nearer to the end when I arrived. They seemed completely content sitting on their little fold out chairs and rods in hand; it appeared that not even the gawk of a seagull could interrupt them.

Perched literally on the beach, the Grange Café is another spot of solace that not only offers a delicious selection of seafood but also has on the menu something for everyone. It is family and pet friendly, and it is quite obvious this little place is perfectly fitting for the area. The ever-relaxed Grange Hotel sits just back from the café, also donning sea views. It is another great option for having a relaxing pub meal or a beverage or two.

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Further up the road there are various take away options – while on the corner of beach road and Military road sits a bakery; wafting from it is that delicious smell of freshly baked goods (in fact, it was so good that I had to go inside and grab myself a pastry before I left). On the opposite side is a gorgeous organic café set out with wooden crates and open plan windows, whilst an IGA is conveniently waiting any beach goers who are after quick and easy supplies.

If you happened to feel like treating yourself to some of the prettiest boutique clothing Adelaide has to offer, do yourself a favour and pop into The Little Boutique. It sits next to the bakery and forever has an impressive window display that even the struggling uni student, such as myself, cannot resist to be enticed by!

Wether you’re after a relaxing day at the beach, engaging in some fun outdoor activities, or enjoying a meal with a view, Grange Beach really can offer it all. You really don’t have to live on the coast to enjoy what we are offered around Adelaide – from the city centre it only took me 20 minutes to reach Grange; to me, a little drive once a week is so worth the grounding experience that such a humble little place can offer.

Kirsty Cane xx

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