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By East End Flower Market

2016…I know it sounds weird. Were almost one month in and there hasn’t been a day yet that I haven’t written 2015. I’ll get there…in December! With the new year brings new and exciting things. Here are my 5 favourite things of 2016…so far!

Number One

We all have that one friend that “loves” plants and wants a tropical island in their lounge room but doesn’t water their plants.

Next thing you know it’s three months gone by and you forgot to water your very expensive fiddle leaf fig and it’s now gone to heaven. Problem solved…cactus!

Super hardy plants that look super cool! Water them once a month in summer and every 2 months in winter. You can’t go wrong and if you do kill a cactus then I’m sorry there’s no hope for you.


Number Two

January sees new varieties of Proteas coming through. Next on the block is the Protea Repen which come in an amazing hot pink colour and is absolutely stunning.

Although these beautiful flowers are native to South Africa, Australian soil and climate conditions make it easy to grow here, especially in Western Australia.  East End Flower Market get their Proteas and other similar flowers locally in the Adelaide Hills, where they grow in fields on large bushes.


Number Three

Because of Jonny what? Because Of Jonny is awesome. We are super excited about these new bubble wall vases. I came across these guys on Instagram…(where else?) and fell in love with this different type of vessel! You can put flowers and plants in them or even turn it into a little aquarium (your kids will love it).

With Valentines Day coming up maybe even a love heart one for your special someone?


Number Four

Did I mention Valentines Day is coming up? Listen up peeps! This year we have decided to think outside the box a little bit. We know that people traditionally give red roses but why not break tradition and give something else this year? We have some very exciting designs this year! Some with roses and some without!


And it’s not just the lads! Ladettes you should spoil your lad too! We will have very manly terrariums in store that would be perfect for the man cave!

Number Five

Flower crowns are massively popular at the moment. You know why? Because when you wear one you look bloody fantastic and it kinda makes you feel important.

Flowers crowns can be worn for many occasions, weddings, baby showers, hen’s parties, gardening, going to the shops to buy milk, cleaning the house…what? Us girls need to feel important so if we want to vacuum the house in a flower crown let us!


Justine x

Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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