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As seen in Adelady magazine, issue 4 

Recipes and Styling :: Laura Bakhtiarian

Time :: 10 mins + 4 hours to set
Serves :: 6

Cute-as-a-button, these tiny treats are exploding with chocolatey goodness.

Photo :: Naomi Giatas


6 pre-made Choc Rollettes
100g Menz Milk Chocolate FruChocs, roughly chopped
250g dark cooking chocolate, chopped
110g cream
Whipped cream, optional for garnish
100g melted milk chocolate, optional for garnish
50g Menz Milk Chocolate FruChocs, optional for garnish


• Very gently unroll the Choc Rollette to the second fold.
• Sprinkle chopped FruChocs on top of the pre-filled cream and roll back up.
• Repeat with remaining Rollettes and set aside.
• Combine chocolate and cream in a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water, so the bowl sits above the water without touching. Stir with a metal spoon until the chocolate mixture is smooth, then remove bowl from heat and stir occasionally as it cools, until thick and spreadable (ganache).
• Coat each Rollette with chocolate ganache. Garnish with whipped cream, melted chocolate and FruChocs. Enjoy!

  Photo :: Naomi Giatas

We used: Menz Milk Chocolate FruChocs

Who can resist the delicious real peach and apricot centre wrapped in mouthwatering chocolate that makes the original Menz Milk Chocolate FruChocs such a classic? That timeless taste gets us every time. Visit for more recipe ideas.


Laura Bakhtiarian

Laura Bakhtiarian

Outrageously creative Food Content Creator, she's the ultimate cook, photo stylist and recipe creator - yum!

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