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Let’s set the scene…

Embark on a journey six hours from Adelaide and discover the serenity of Leigh Creek Outback Resort and Leigh Creek Outback Caravan Park. Nestled in the hills of the Northern Flinders Ranges, this is an ideal spot for travellers wanting to venture deep into the South Australian outback.

Image credit: Peter Taylor

Long road trips mean you’ll be faced with a choice: camping under the stars, bunkering down in your car, or resting your tired head on a comfy pillow at Leigh Creek Resort. We know what we’d choose… and it’s definitely not the first two options.

The resort offers accommodation ranging from basic to comfortably refurbished. Whether you fancy a cabin, a motel room, or a family-sized retreat, they have all the above. Plus, they have pet-friendly rooms and powered caravan sites just two minutes away at Leigh Creek Outback Resort, too!

There’s an on-site restaurant and bar at Leigh Creek Outback Resort so you can have a feed, recharge and meet some of the legendary locals. And it’s open for brekky, lunch and dinner, serving up all your fave pub classics.

And the ‘girl next door’ is an absolute knock-out 10/10! We’re referring to the wilderness sanctuary, Aroona Dam. You can explore this stunner on a hired kayak or do it on foot. May we suggest you follow in our footsteps and bring a picnic with you, settle in for the arvo and then experience golden hour across the dam?

But this town needs our help. Breyten Ward is a Leigh Creek local legend and he’s on a mission to bring it back to life.

The old Leigh Creek was once a thriving mining town, but the closure of the mines led to drastic changes. “Most people were out of work and they didn’t just lose their jobs, they lost their homes,” says Breyten.

“The town got smaller and smaller and now there are only 100 people here. But I know that it has such great potential and infrastructure, I’m desperate to bring it back to its former glory.”

His mission is clear — creating jobs, retaining homes and bringing back tourism to this beautiful part of the world.

Breyten’s dream is to transform Leigh Creek into a sought-after family holiday destination in South Australia. Yet, its survival rests in our hands.

On your next trip to the Flinders Ranges, make Leigh Creek Outback Resort part of your holiday. Every dollar spent here contributes to safeguarding this town for future generations.

Breyten, we promise we’ll do whatever we can to help keep your cherished town alive!


Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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