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Once upon a time, Lauren and I were on Instagram and came across a pretty little thing named (conveniently), Pretty Little Things Beauty. Vanessa was her real name. She’s sweet, funny, smart and does GREAT NAILS! So today, she’s sharing with us her nail secrets…

Hayley xx


By Vanessa – Pretty Little Things Beauty

I have a secret-squirrel secret!

As a young girl I would sit with my grandmother and idolise the daytime soapies. Hello?! Brooke?! These women seemed to get married three or six times, survive plane crashes and kidnappings without breaking a fingernail. I would gaze at their opulent sculptured talons and try to mimic their perfectly groomed faux pas.

Obsessed — I would force my poor mother to buy me new nail colours, stickers and even those nasty stick-on plastic things just so I could feel like a net worth of a million bucks.

The passion started from a young age and now I’m the proud owner of Pretty Little Things Beauty – a bespoke beauty salon in the heart of North Adelaide. I provide Adeladies with gorgeous nails, golden tans and beauty treatments to give them them confidence they deserve.

Just like a good hair day, a beautiful manicure + pedicure really does something to a woman’s confidence that nothing else can.

Beautiful nails are simple to achieve and you don’t need to ’embezzle’ in the Forrester fortune to achieve a chic yet subtle look.


This season, nails are short, coated in shellac and pastel. Pastels look beautiful, feminine and compliment most skin tones. They are wearable at any age and a winner for the ‘unsure’ nail wearer. (Yes, this type does exist!) To achieve this trend we recommend CND Field Fox! It’s a gold mine!



A good drop of red is also a good investment. If you’re new to colour, start with a classic red. It’s sophisticated and timeless. Worth an Emmy for sure!



Did I mention nail art? Whoa! From monochromatic swag, linear lines to bold negative space – ladies are asking for these trends quicker then Eric can yell, “Stephanie!” And we love it! So keep asking! Hashtag. Cool.


My top talon tips? Keep nails short and tidy. Invest in a deep berry. Dark plum nails are always a winner. And as soon as nails chip – remove it. Come into the salon if you have to! That’s a nail-biting beauty cringe of mine! Ain’t nobody  got time for that!


Nail essentials? A quality emery board, an on-trend hue and a lush hand cream!

..and these are the days of our lives.

V x

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Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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