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A tale of love, determination and community spirit 

The Romeo’s story spans generations, taking us back to 1987 when The Bangles topped the charts and eighty cents could buy you a loaf of bread. It was during this time that Antonio and Elizabeth Romeo started their journey by buying a small convenience store in South Plympton. Their children, then in their early teens, enthusiastically joined in by stacking shelves every day after school.

From the get-go, they adopted the motto, “Family owned and community minded,” and that still rings true today. They’ve always been dedicated to supporting local growers and producers, forming a strong bond with their community and transforming each customer into a friend.

Oldest son Paul says, “It was never just about business for our family”. Most people wouldn’t know that over the years they’ve donated an astounding $10 million dollars to local charities, sporting clubs, community groups, churches and schools. Their most significant passion involves assisting children through Dreamride — an event for motoring enthusiasts to raise funds and awareness for people with intellectual disabilities.

After joining their parents in the family enterprise, sons Paul, Anthony and Joseph have enhanced the customer experience by embracing new technologies, introducing cuttingedge store designs and expanding their product selection to cater for evolving dietaries.

Even as Mr Romeo transitioned away from the core business, his dedication remained the same and over the years, he’d often be spotted arranging supermarket shelves or restocking refrigerators, just to help. What a legend!

The next generation is constantly evolving and setting Romeo’s apart from other independently-owned supermarkets. “After years of travelling and working in supermarkets, we created a European-inspired food hall named Locali,” says Joseph. This delicious food haven features a walk-in cheese room, a sushi bar, an instore florist, a bakery and an Italian-style restaurant. There really is nothing else quite like it!

Throughout their journey, family remains number one in all their decision making. A tradition of Sunday night dinners at Mum and Dad’s is a cherished weekly event where rain, hail or shine, Mrs Romeo whips up her famous Italian feast for the entire family and on the odd occasion, a celebrity guest.

Today, with three generations involved in the family business and a network of 38 Romeo’s stores across South Australia and New South Wales, their incredible success still comes back to their unbreakable family bond.

As state ambassadors and lucky guests at one of Mrs Romeo’s famous Sunday night dinners, we are so grateful for everything they’ve done for South Australia.

Saluti to the next generation of Romeo’s



Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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