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By Jess from Dressed in Copper

:: 33 High St, Willunga (Open Thursday to Sunday)




If you’re a bit of a beer buff, or are just partial to a frothie or two, then you need to get acquainted with the new kid in the town of Willunga.

Shifty Lizard Taphouse.

Fleurieu locals and beer lovers may have already heard of this beer, which comes with a good reputation for good reason – they make some damn fine brews. Their taphouse, located on the main street of Willunga, is the new face for this beer label, selling their 4 beers on tap as well as a selection of wines, bubbles and softies for those not sold on a beer (no judgement here).

Like all good drinking holes they also offer a small selection of food – regional platters with cheeses, dips and all the good stuff. On our visit we stuck to the liquid goodness, but a platter will be on the cards for our next visit.

My beer enthusiast better half opted for their paddle on our first visit – because there really is no better way to try all the beers, and not end up completely s**t faced. The paddle consists of their core range of brews – a Pale Ale, IPA, a Red Ale (Hoppy Irish Red Ale) and their Stout (with the best name ever – Stouty McStout Face).

The other half, being English, loved the Stout. A really creamy, flavoursome stout – so flavoursome that he ordered another glass after the paddle. I’m not the biggest beer drinker but love to have a dabble, and their Pale Ale ticked the boxes for me – very easy to drink, especially for someone who is rather partial to a vino than a beer.

I chose to drink off of their wine menu and had a can of locally made Zontes Footstep Prosecco. In a can you say? Yes, and it’s still damn delicious. It felt a bit odd drinking out of a can, but hey, bubbles are bubbles. I was more shocked when I saw that one can was 3.8 standard drinks – that was me done for the afternoon. If you choose to drink a few of those tinnies, be sure to have a designated driver in tow.

When you’re on the Fleurieu next be sure to pop into the Taphouse and visit the lads – with beers this good I feel like there’s going to be some big things on the cards for them in the near future.

Jess xx

Millie Looker

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