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Images by Wayne Pearson 

It was the first ever rent-a-rack market in Australia, and half a decade on, Mekko Market has morphed into a thriving and vibrant community.

89 Prospect Road has become a beehive of activity with lovers of slow-fashion, cocktails and Scandinavian-inspired food.

Just when you think you’ve struck cafe gold with Mekko’s mouth-watering brekkies and lunches flowing out of the kitchen, you realise that your new happy place also doubles as a sustainable fashion market!

“This is why people pop in for one drink and end up staying all day — they meet their friends, have coffee, stay for a delicious lunch, do a bit of shopping and then have a cocktail in the arvo,” says owner Irene.

Perhaps one of the most special things about Mekko Market is the sense of community that fills the space. It’s not uncommon to see friends and neighbours having a LOL over a drink. “It’s a place where people come together to celebrate creativity, culture and community.”

The ‘fashion and food’ concept started when Irene and her partner Tom moved to Australia from Finland and couldn’t believe that it wasn’t a thing here, given the concept is so popular in Europe. So, she started the trend herself, with Tom stepping into the role of head chef.

The fashion market is full of good quality, pre-loved clothes, shoes, bags and jewellery, with locals selling their wares to make some extra cash. It’s easy to have your own rack too, with 100 percent of the profits going back to the seller. You simply rent a rack, price up your garments and Mekko sells them for you.


All about high-end and exclusive brands? Irene’s second baby, Monday Market in Norwood, sounds like your jam. Not only is it an easy way to sell preloved treasures that are too good to give away, but it’s the best spot to pick up a fancy bargain — and quality control is super important to Irene. “Our stall holders have good taste, which guarantees good quality — plus, we have new stall holders starting every day! This guarantees an ever-expanding selection of great quality clothes in various styles and sizes.”

If you’re yet to experience the joy of Mekko and Monday Markets, then get a wriggle on. If you’re anything like us, you’re guaranteed to love them.


Mekko Market


Monday Market 



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