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Accumulating wealth doesn’t happen by chance.

It’s the old adage, ‘People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan’. While this seems cliché when it comes to accumulating wealth it’s important to have a plan to ensure a comfortable lifestyle when you are no longer working.

Now comfortable doesn’t mean being reckless with your money, by buying the latest and greatest of everything. It could mean being able to afford to go out for regular coffees with your friends versus international roast at home. It could mean dining out without it being an anniversary or Valentine’s Day. Comfortable simply means having choices.

Whatever your idea of comfort is, you need to create a plan and stick to it. Good habits will eventually allow you to accumulate enough wealth to shape your ideal future. Sounds easy right? For many it seems an unachievable goal however it is really simply about spending less than you earn and having a plan for the difference.

The first step is to ensure you understand your basic living expenses, then planning what to do with what’s left over.  This could mean increasing the repayments on your home loan, starting with a simple investment portfolio or increasing your contributions to super (over and above your employer contributions).  All these are effective ways to help grow your wealth.

Increasing the repayments on your home loan could potentially save you thousands in interest and years off the life of your loan as interest is calculated daily.

Starting a simple investment portfolio will ensure any money you have accumulated will work harder for you than simply holding it in a bank earning 1-2%. Medium and long-term investment strategies are a great way to accumulate wealth with guidance from a qualified professional.

Superannuation is a form of forced savings as it is automatically paid in by your employer.  The only catch is, will it be enough to fund your lifestyle once you retire?

You could potentially be retired for as long as you have worked. Statistics show that on average, men live for 26 years past the retiring age of 65 and for women it’s 29 years. Many wish to retire earlier. That’s a lot of years to fund your lifestyle. The age pension might only cover about half of what you would need to live comfortably.

Those that live comfortably are those that formulated a plan and chipped away at this over time.

They’re not glamorous ways to build wealth but they are effective ways to build wealth. You don’t have to think too big or make it too complicated. Start small, start today and watch your wealth accumulate. It really is that simple.

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