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It’s time to meet some remarkable people…

Since partnering with The Hospital Research Foundation Group, we’ve had the privilege of meeting some incredible people whose resilience and determination have inspired us beyond words.


We couldn’t love her any more if we tried. She’s a smart, hilarious, courageous 23-year-old who happens to be battling an incurable illness. Despite spending most days bedridden and in severe pain, she’s so positive and actively fundraises for The Hospital Research Foundation Group’s Palliative Care charity and Laurel Hospice.

When Annaliese first got sick, like most of us, she misunderstood the purpose of a hospice, believing it to be a place solely for end-of-life care. Now, she knows that it’s a sanctuary filled with peace, love, comfort and happiness, offering people like her a chance to experience quality of life.

At Adelady, we’re so grateful for the angels working in palliative care, supporting Annaliese and others like her.


This wonderful woman spent an astonishing 15 months in a hospital bed, far away from home after a leg amputation.

Despite her hardships, Margaret has boundless positivity and enthusiasm. With one leg, she embraces life to the fullest and credits her resilience to the art and music therapy provided by The Hospital Research Foundation Group’s Creative Health team — which helped her get through the difficult times when boredom threatened to overwhelm her.

Music Therapist Dr. Patsy Tan has serious healing powers, and without the support of the Foundation, services like hers would struggle to continue, affecting the recovery and wellbeing of so many South Australians.


As well as patients, we’ve had the privilege of meeting talented doctors and scientists dedicated to saving lives. Associate Professor Susan Woods works tirelessly on a better method to test for bowel cancer.

Currently, bowel cancer screening involves the ickfactor of sending off stool samples for testing, leading to low participation rates. Susan, based at SAHMRI, is developing a revolutionary pill-based test that could replace the current method, potentially increasing participation rates and the early detection of bowel cancers. She is amazing.

A/Prof Susan Woods

Despite the immense potential and the staggering number of people diagnosed with bowel cancer every year, securing funding for Susan’s research was not an easy task. The grant from The Hospital Research Foundation Group allowed her to take the crucial next steps in developing her groundbreaking test.

The Hospital Research Foundation Group’s impact on various areas of healthcare in South Australia is truly remarkable. They stand beside individuals when they need it most, fighting the good fight and making a difference in the lives of countless patients.

It’s an honour to walk hand in hand with them.



Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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