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Guest blog by Chloe, SOS Mumma :: Sport, Community + Events for Adelaide mums

Hands up if you are a new mum and you’re feeling tired and overwhelmed! Sometimes I wish our babies would come with a little manual and possibly a need to sleep at night…that would be nice don’t you think?!?!

I have found over this past year and a half that my little bubble of ‘Parenting will be a Breeze’ was totally popped. It was really isolating and at times I felt totally alone and up to my eye balls in poop and googoogahgah! My daughter was six months old when we moved interstate and I just knew I needed to find some mummy friends and get out of the DARN HOUSE!

You know the more mums I spoke to, the more I realised that this is a common theme. We are all struggling to maintain some level of sanity and although sometimes our little angels are angels we just were craving some time to ourselves and to find some help and bring order to the chaos.

It was from seeing this that I started bringing mums together at my house to do ‘Meal Prep Sessions’ and the idea for SOS Mumma was born.

The Top 5 ways SOS Mumma helps new mums:
1. Feed Your Families – Healthy, nutritious and family friendly meals for you to take home and cook during the week.
2. Feed your Mind – Access to professionals that will help you navigate your way through this rewarding yet challenging time.
3. Feed your Spirit – Activities just for you and something to help calm your mind and lift your spirit.
4. Find your Sanity – Bring your kids along to an event and a qualified babysitter will keep them entertained and looked after for two hours! Ahhhh Bliss!
5. Feed your Soul – SOS Mumma brings together like-minded mums, so we can all help each other.

Some final little pearls of wisdom I have learnt this past year and a half that I want to share with you.

Build your support community. My husband travels quite frequently for work so this has been a huge part of keeping me sane. I used to say no to help, thinking I could do it all myself, but I have realised that you have to reach out and ask. You will find that once you start asking, you then help others to feel comfortable asking you for help.

And people like to help, it makes them feel good, so please let them. As they used to say ‘It takes a village to raise a child’, so reach out…build your community.

Remember that self-care and mental health need to be a top priority as a new mum. SOS Mumma will give you more time for you, time to exercise, time with the family and to do whatever is important to you. You will create connections, find a community and gain support for what can be some of the toughest months and years.

So come along to the next event or arrange a Meal Prep Session and join the SOS Mumma Community!!

Xx Chloe (SOS Mumma)

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