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Are you ready to take a delish journey through South Australia? From flaky pastries to crusty artisan bread, these regional bakeries have earned their reputations as the go-to spots for locals and tourists alike. Whether you’re a pastry connoisseur or simply enjoy a good old-fashioned meat pie, this list has something for everyone. So start the car and loosen your seatbelt… let’s dive in!

Port Elliot Bakery 

Frankly, it would be rude to start the list anywhere else. Port Elliot Bakery is a state icon and responsible for many trips down the coast – and for good reason! They offer all the staples we know and love (such as hot meat pies and sausage rolls) but did you know they also come out with a Pie and a Donut of the Month? Think marvellous creations such as Banger ‘n’ Mash pies and Caramilk Marble donuts. Worth a drive down every month, I reckon!

Image Credit :: Port Elliot Bakery 


At Brid they’re all about rich coffee, quality sourdough, delicious toasties and sweet sweet pies! Picture this… a fresh autumn day, warm cup of coffee in hand as you bite into a slice of sourdough  – fresh out of the oven, of course – before selecting which pie to take home for an afternoon treat. Their menu is ever-changing but if you’re lucky you must get your hands on their rhubarb and apple compote custard pie or their blackberry, burnt rye frangipane with a rye/wheat crust.

Image Credit :: Brid 

Sunrise Bakery

When you’re ready for a break from wining and dining in the Barossa, Sunrise Bakery is your spot for incredible comfort food. They proudly offer up delicious bakery staples, specialty items and cafe style meals all with vego, vegan and gluten free options readily available. I’m dreaming of their vanilla slice as we speak!

Image Credit :: Sunrise Bakery – Lyndoch 

Rise Artisan 

Nairne’s pride and joy, Rise Artisan is a sweet-tooth’s idea of heaven! They serve up an incredibly vast range of pastries fresh everyday – think goodies such as Biscoff croissants, cherry jam and almond marzipan danishes, strawberry rose macarons and chilli chocolate tarts – and that’s just the sweets! Between their antiques corner, fresh flower offerings and their local produce and goods for sale, you could easily lose a day wandering around this wonderland.

Image Credit :: Rise Artisan Bakery

The Uraidla Bakery 

The owners of Uraidla Bakery, James Katsarelias and Katharine Moserrat, are on a mission to create authentic, ethical and locally sourced baked goods – and they’re succeeding! The team source the majority of their ingredients from SA and ensure their impressive bread range is preservative free. Their loaves are baked on-site daily using old-world baking techniques so this is a must-visit for all bread aficionados.

Image Credit :: Meaghan Cole, Now and Then Photography 

Kiplings Port Wakefield

I’ll never forget my first encounter with Kipling’s, I was driving down to Port Victoria with a friend when I noticed a huuuuuge crowd of people surrounding a small building in Port Wakefield. When I asked my friend what the fuss was all about she scoffed and pulled into the parking lot. The line was long but I would do it ten times over to experience a Kipling’s sausage roll for the first time again.

Image Credit :: Jon Hunter 

Lobethal Bakery 

Is a trip to the Hills complete without a bakery stop? I think not. And Lobethal Bakery is the epitome of countryside bakery perfection! Founder Helmut Trinkle was born in a small farm village in Germany before the Second World War. Trinkle became an apprentice at a well known bakery in a nearby city at the young age of 14, where he learnt the secrets behind traditional German baked goods. After a stint owning a bakery in Canada, Trinkle migrated to Canberra and eventually Lobethal — where we’re lucky enough to benefit from his wealth of knowledge through his three sons and their families who now run the beautiful bakery.

Image Credit :: Lobethal Bakery

Clare Rise Bakery 1895

Located on Main North Road in Clare, this local is known for their artisan breads and impressive range of yummy treats. There’s nothing quite like sitting out on their picturesque verandah, coffee in hand, taking in your surroundings. I was lucky enough to try out their renowned hot cross buns this past Easter (pictured below) – and wow — I need them to be available year round!

Image Credit :: Clare Rise Bakery 1895

The Country Bakehouse 

From the Clare Valley up to the Riverland! The Country Bakehouse is a Loxton gem, and for good reason! The establishment has won many awards – at both state and international levels – for their pies and top-selling sausage rolls. They also offer cafe style meals, a dedicated salad bar, take-home meals and even catering!

Image Credit :: The Country Bakehouse

Home Grain Bakery

Back down the coast and we have the beloved Home Grain Bakery in Aldinga! Owners Toff and Cara West met back in 2007 and found a mutual love of travel and coffee – taking note of cafes they liked around the world in their ‘coffee journal’ with the intention of, “maybe, one day” owning a coffee shop of our own. And in 2011 … they did it! Their brekky pie is a personal favourite of mine and, as you’d expect, their coffee is to-die-for!

Image Credit :: Home Grain Bakery

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