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Raise a glass, it’s World Cocktail Day! At Adelady, we take our fancy beverages seriously so we can’t wait to share our fave cocktails and the best Adelaide bars to enjoy them at. From the tried and true classics to fresh concoctions, we have something for everyone. So grab a shaker, some ice, and let’s get started! Here are our team’s top picks and the bars where we love to sip them. Bottoms up!

Hayley: Mojito 

Hayley’s go-to brew is a classic if there ever was one. Standard mojito with a small twist… extra mint, of course! And she can’t go past Maybe Mae‘s when ordering her super minty fave.

Image Credit :: Maybe Mae

Lauren: Aperol Spritz 

Another lover of the traditional cocktails, Loz is all about sipping a refreshing Aperol Spritz while enjoying the rooftop at 2KW. Who needs an Italian vacay with those city views!?

Image Credit :: 2KW

Kristy : Tipsy Panda 

Our girl KZ, can oft be found at The Cremorne Hotel with her fave — a Tipsy Panda made with Missy Sippy vodka. The Pandan-infused vodka is complemented perfectly by the concoction of kiwi syrup, dry sherry and apple juice. And who can resist a little foam on top of a cocktail?

Felicity: Classic Margarita 

Flic is here for a classic margarita any day, and the one at Leigh St Luggage has won her over well and truly. The atmosphere + tequila + a salty rim = a night of fun for Fliccy!

Image Credit :: Leigh St Luggage 

Millie: Gin Sour 

A Gin Sour for the sweetest of gals! Mills is all about that balance of sweet, bitter and tangy flavours that come with gin sour and she totally raves about the offering from Bar Torino!

Image Credit :: Bar Torino 

Rhi: Dirty Martini

Our sophisticated queen, Rhi’s cocktail of choice is a Dirty Martini — stirred not shaken, of course! Our fresh local spot, Dolly is her newfound purveyor of the finest martinis of the dirty variety.

Carrie: Cosmopolitan

No this is not a joke — Carrie is partial to a Cosmopolitan just like her iconic Sex and the City counterpart! Too bad Carrie Bradshaw hasn’t had the chance to sip on a cosmo from Luma, our Carrie’s go-to spot for the refreshingly tart bevvie.

Lily: Spicy Margarita 

Because it’s gotta have a kick or it’s not Lily approved. Done properly, my fave cocktail leaves me refreshed but also a li’l fired up and the variation from Next Door nails it eeeeevery time.

Image Credit :: Next Door 

So, Happy World Cocktail to those who celebrate — let us know your go-to cocktail or your fave place to down one! x

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