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Six months ago I had laser eye surgery after a recommendation from my Nova919 workmate, Jarrod Walsh. I don’t normally trust him (lol) but when he said his procedure was life changing, he was right! It’s his 10-year anniversary of clear vision, so if you’re considering dropping your glasses for good, hopefully his story inspires you.  

Hayley x 

Jarrod (right) with Dylan and Hayley Nova 919

It’s as clear as this: getting laser eye surgery was the best investment I’ve ever made in my life. 

See what I did there? I said, “It’s as clear as this” because in reality, it hasn’t always been that way.  

Ten years ago, I was 25 and trying to live life as normally as possible. Playing sport, heading to the footy, going to the movies with mates and yes, the occasional night out on the town. The thing is, these activities were all affected by one simple thing — my vision. I was squinting at the scoreboard at Footy Park, I couldn’t see anything at the movies and I had to guess where the hockey ball was on the field. 

Image Credit :: Sarah Reed

I went to get my eyes tested and the optometrist suggested I wear glasses. I gave it a go, but I found wearing them annoying, inconvenient and it didn’t suit my lifestyle as I couldn’t wear them playing sport and usually forgot them while I was out at events.  

A colleague of mine recommended Adelaide Eye and Laser Centreso I went in for a consultation to see if I was eligible. It turns out I was and, nerves aside, I booked in to have a procedure that’s proven, predictable, customised to the individual and provides excellent results in eye laser surgery — LASIK.  

Ten years on and I want all of you four-eyed peeps out there to know there’s nothing to be scared of because: 

  • there was zero pain in the process 
  • I was in and out of the procedure within an hour 
  • I literally drove myself into the AELC the next day for a followup appointment 
  • the care given by the doctors and staff was second to none 
  • for me, a month after the procedure, it felt like I was seeing everything in HD and my follow-up appointment showed I now had 20/20 vision. BOOM! 

Honestly, it was life changing way back when I had it done and 10 years on, nothing has changed. It’s still one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made. 

Now I work at Adelaide Oval every weekend and I can see the scoreboard and the crowd that I’m talking to. I play club hockey and even though my skills haven’t improved, at least I can now see the ball. At the movies I no longer have to sit in the front row to see the screen.  

Best of all, I can clearly see my wife and young daughter, whether they’re right next to me or running up Largs Bay jetty as the sun sets across this beautiful city. 

If you’re like I was and poor vision is affecting your life, don’t hesitate — I highly recommend doing your research and considering laser eye surgery as an option. 

I chose Adelaide Eye and Laser Centre because they are exceptional at what they do, and they use technology that is current and at the forefront of eye laser surgery while still being predictable, proven and customised to suit your individual eyes. 

So if you are thinking about dropping your glasses, start the chat today. For me, it’s a decision I will never regret — even 10 years later. 

Jarrod x  

Adelady Guest

Adelady Guest

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