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When Kermit the Frog said, “It’s not easy bein’ green,” he just hadn’t met the legends behind Green Efficient Living.

This family-owned-and-run local business specialises in air conditioning, solar design and installation for commercial businesses and private homes. Their bread and butter is giving you more efficient and eco-friendly results.

This puts them firmly in the hot seat to dish the advice on small changes in our own backyard to do wonders for our beautiful planet and our wellbeing, and save some big bucks along the way.

Image credit :: Kate Dyer

Here are their hot tips…

1. Start small.

Correct lighting can have a huge impact on your overall health and wellbeing. Swapping your light bulbs to LED is an uber smart move. Here’s why:

  • Although a higher upfront cost, LED bulbs are safer (won’t get as hot as halogen globes), more energy efficient (using around 75 percent less energy than halogen) and have a longer lifespan.
  • Most LED bulbs don’t contain any hazardous materials and can be recycled more easily than CFL and halogen globes, which is great for Planet Earth.
  • Lighting has a direct relationship to the production of the stress hormone (cortisol) and the sleep hormone (melatonin). Getting this right can make a big difference to your mood and your sleep patterns.
  • You get more flexibility with dimming LEDs compared to traditional lights, which is particularly important at night to assist your body with hormone production.

2. Get conditioned.

Not only important to bring down the sweat levels in summer and warm cold bones in winter, good air con can make a world of difference in your home or office. Things to keep top of mind:

  • Do it right the first time. A good air con can last up to 20 years if installed and looked after — cheaper options may only give you five years, meaning waste and money bleeding out your pockets.
  • Quality ductwork also means better insulation properties, so the air pumping into your house will be hotter or colder, making it more efficient.
  • Keep it clean. Dirty filters reduce the air quality you and your loved ones are breathing in. You can even get special filters that protect the unit while filtering out dust mites, pollen and all the teeny bits of fur, feathers and skin floating through the air from your beloved pets… eek!
  • Tend to your patch. An annual service plus filter clean or change will increase system performance and lifespan. Green Efficient Living’s golden rule is to check, clean or change your filters with every seasonal change.
  • Work smarter, not harder. Running your air con properly will make a big difference to the dreaded power bill. The lower your heating is set in winter and the higher your cooling setting in summer, the less power you’ll use and the less money you’ll spend. Ideally, set it on 20–22˚C on heating with a low fan speed in winter, and 22–26˚C on cooling with a high fan speed during the summer (give or take how the weather is travelling).

Image credit :: Jarrod Knoblauch 

3. Invest wisely.

Getting solar panels is a big step in the right direction and our environment and your wallet will thank you for it. Did you know that quality panels will offset their CO2 emissions in approximately three to five years, actually making them CO2 positive? You can breathe easy, knowing you’re relying less on fossil fuels, plus you’ll see a difference in the dollar figure on your bills. Here’s what to consider:

  • Size matters. Getting the wrong-sized system for your needs will cause all sorts of headaches and may actually end up costing you.
  • Get the right touch. Correct installation is a big-ticket safety item for the Green Efficient Living crew (to avoid risks such as electrocution and fire hazards). Having it done right the first time will also boost the performance of the system.
  • Water your investment. A little maintenance can go a long way and guaranteed, if you leave a problem until it’s dire, it will cost. Regular cleaning of your solar panels means spotting issues before they arise — simple things like removing debris and fixing weather damage and general wear and tear will avoid a mountain instead of a molehill.

  Image credit :: Jarrod Knoblauch

Behind the scenes

Adelaide brothers Mitch and Kody Toeroek have more than 29 years’ experience matching your desire for comfort, functionality and style. Their goal is to give you the highest standard of air con and solar so you get great bang for your buck and reduced energy bills.

Image credit :: Kate Dyer 

These inspiring legends have built their business from the ground up and now have a crew of 27. With everyone looking for more ways to be green, it’s no surprise this hard-working bunch has gone gangbusters. Give them a call on 8297 3422.

Em xx


Image credit :: Kate Dyer 

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