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Family Fertility Centre is the newest boutique fertility laboratory in Adelaide, and they’re inviting you into their family so they can help you create yours.

Remember the picture book Where Did I Come From? It covered all the fun facts from love-making, orgasms, conception and the baby growing inside the womb through to the actual birth day. But for thousands of Adeladies, it’s not relatable at all — because baby making isn’t that easy, and sometimes it takes three to tango.

Located in the Ashford Specialist Centre, with plenty of parking close by, Family Fertility is an SA-owned-and-operated state-of-the-art centre that offers a personalised service helping couples and singles start a family.

So, how can they help you? One in six couples have fertility issues, so if you’ve begun your baby-making journey and nothing is happening, you’re not alone. Before you start to stress, ask your GP for an AMH blood test. This test will point you in the direction of approximately how many eggs you have to play with. If the results come back with a low egg count, take a deep breath and give Family Fertility Centre a call.

From day dot, owner and Medical Director Marcin Stankiewicz and Senior Gynecologist Angelique Swart are on your baby-making adventure with you — they’re there to give you open and honest advice. In your first meeting, they’ll ask all kinds of questions, and will most likely do some blood tests and scans. They treat every person individually because, with more than 100 years combined experience between the specialists and staff, they understand that every couple is different. Family Fertility can also help same-sex couples find that pot of gold at the end of their rainbow, with donor sperm.

Dr Angelique and Dr Marcin

You’ll have access to local Adelaide sperm donors as well as sperm donors from America. Dr Marcin and Dr Angelique will work closely with you to track your cycle and, once you’ve chosen your donor sperm, they’ll proceed with treatment that may include IUI insemination, which is much less invasive than IVF.

Adelads are also welcome, as sometimes their swimmers are not in top form. It’s best to get tested and get the right advice early on, as lifestyle can impact them, and small changes can produce big results.

When faced with a fertility struggle, most Adeladies assume they have to go straight to IVF, but there are many non-invasive paths before IVF becomes an option, and Dr Marcin and Dr Angelique will explore all of them. No matter which way your fertility path leads, you’ll have the same doctor the whole way through, so you can feel completely comfortable the entire time.

All the single ladies, please stand up! If you’re approaching 30 and getting anxious at the pressure of the so-called ‘ticking clock’, why not freeze your eggs? Women can have babies well into their forties, but it might require some help to get started. Family Fertility Centre can store your eggs and keep them safe so that years down the track, if you decide you’d like to have a baby with a partner, they can start the IVF cycle with you.

Or, if you’re wanting to start a family on your own, they can help you, with donor sperm. “We have a close-knit team of staff who all understand that your embryos are your hopes and dreams and that regular communication and consultation is extremely important to you,” Dr Marcin says. To find out more, phone 1300 639 326.

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Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

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