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Guest Blog :: Ryan Burgess

For whatever reason, it seems to be the perception that it’s WOMEN who are the ones that most struggle with their weight. Perhaps it’s because females are more vocal about it, but it’s led me to ask the question — why are products and programs like Weight Watchers targeted mostly at women…?

I am a male and I’ve struggled with my weight for a very long time. I’m basically the Oprah of young men. I’ve gone up and down, I’ve tried fad diets, I’ve had personal training 5 days a week, I’ve thrown out and bought that many different sized clothes it’s INSANE.

But I recently lost 32 kilos, and I am telling myself THIS IS IT.

I can keep losing, or at a MINIMUM I can stay where I am now, but ideally I want to lose another 15-20kgs and re-evaluate how I look and feel. Gaining more weight is NOT an option. I even chucked away my entire “fat wardrobe” just as added pressure and motivation to stay on track!

I was on breakfast radio in the US when I was losing this weight, and I was sharing my journey on-air. What surprised me the most was how many MEN reached out and wanted help, advice, guidance, and support. There are big men out there, and annoyingly there aren’t many options for us to stylishly clothe ourselves either… you constantly hear about cool new brands and clothing lines being launched for curvier women, but for men, it’s the back left corner in the store tucked away under the embarrassing “BIG AND TALL” sign. I always felt ashamed walking to that section.

I was the worst eater and drinker I’ve ever met. My habits were awful, my sleep was awful, my clothes didn’t fit, my confidence was low, and I honestly thought it was too late and I was too far gone.

Men, wherever you’re at with your weight and struggles right now, please find some inspiration behind this because GENUINELY if I can do it, anybody can. Realise you have the CONTROL and POWER to make better choices and CHANGE your life.

I did, I have.

Swap soft drinks and juices for water. I drink 3-5L a day and it’s amazing for weight loss.

Ditch the carbs and sugar, learn new lean recipes, follow Keto for a while if you can, learn how to read nutrition labels, do the research and find what works for you.

Weigh yourself daily, become obsessed, give yourself goals, keep yourself accountable, share your journey on social media, inspire other people. All of these feel GOOD but NOTHING feels better than regaining confidence, energy and the ability to buy clothes anywhere you damn well want.

I went from 165.5kg to 133.6. A size 44 jean to a 38, a size 6XL shirt to a XXL. I feel FRIGGIN AMAZING!

It’s YOUR turn now…

— Burgo.

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