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I’ll cut right to the chase. I know the woman in your life has been hounding you for that dream getaway you promised you’d take her on. The type where cocktails flow, Insta posts are a-maze, and romance comes alive. 

I’m talking about the Maldives. You know, that paradise of islands your mates Jono and Sarah went for their honeymoon? Except they paid about $12,000 for accommodation ONLY. Stuff that. Thanks to our legendary life-saving mates at Flight Centre, you could be going for a fraction of the price! Read on and tally those brownie points you’re about to earn. 

How to get there

Your local Flight Centre Travel Expert will get you flying direct out of Adelaide on Singapore Airlines with some mind-blowing deals. Make the most of your Singapore stopover by wowing your woman with a quick walk to the tallest indoor waterfall in the world, The Rain Vortex — it’s brand new, super impressive, and is housed in the nature themed entertainment and retail complex at Jewel Changi Airport. 

Another good idea for your stopover is to claim your Changi Transit Reward, when flying with Singapore Airlines — make your way to an iShop Changi in your terminal and grab your SGD$20 voucher to spend on duty free purchases in the airport. For additional brownie points, of course, hand yours straight over to your Adelady! 

One more quick flight and a thirty minute boat ride later, you’ll arrive in paradise — Club Med Kani. You can instantly feel your shoulders drop and your grin forming as soon as you spot the bubbly Club Med Kani staff cheering you on to the island. It’s at this moment you realise your every need is about to be taken care of and every worry disappears. Like your bags did… before they magically reappeared in your room before you even walked in. 

What it’s all about

If you’re like me and get criticised for a lack of romance at times, or maybe your Adelady has a go at you for being too sensible with money — a tight-ass, because she’s not — Club Med Kani being all-inclusive means you’ll be eating and drinking like kings and queens ALL day and night and you never have to worry about the bill! That in itself is paradise, right? 

Forget what you know about buffets. My Adelady, Lauren, isn’t the world’s biggest fan but the Club Med Kani buffet will surprise and delight. If you opt for the buffet rather than the popular seaside a la carte restaurant (options, options) you’ll find stations serving up a world of cuisines, plated up just for you. The freshly squeezed juice station and DIY omelettes at breakfast or the panini station and the dessert section are some of the many highlights. 

During your stay you will have the opportunity to dine right by the water’s edge on the beach, as the staff move the entire restaurant onto the sand for the utmost romance. Two more brownie points for date night. 

Just like the food and drinks, there’s a healthy schedule of activities and entertainment all included in your room rate, too. It starts early in the morning with things like sunrise yoga, paddle boarding, trapeze or snorkelling, and carries through to late night with parties and a variety of performances. If you’re looking for more, there are additional activities like jet-skiing, surfing and flyboarding for the adventurous at an additional cost. 

To continue the brownie point spree, enquire about getting one of the many different styles of massage and pampering sessions on offer at the Club Med Kani Spa. She’s not the only one who’ll enjoy this even heightened state of relaxation in a tropical paradise. Three more brownie points. 

This is a holiday where doing as much or as little as you want is easy and encouraged. Somehow, as much as we decided to pack our days full by taking part in all of the above activities, we also felt mega relaxed. I think that’s just what happens in the marvellous Maldives. The flowing beers and cocktails definitely help, too! 

Club Med Kani staff go above and beyond to make sure your holiday is relaxing and every need is met, allowing you maximum time to kick back, unwind and soak in the most spectacular paradise you’ve ever seen. 

Guys, please trust me when I say this… even if you’re not the world’s biggest, mushiest romantic — and it’s probably your Adelady hounding you to go — Club Med Kani views, staff, experiences and location will take care of all the romance your Adelady could possibly need! 

It’s understandable if you’ve written the Maldives off as purely a “dream” or ‘bucket list’ destination, especially if, like me, you’ve heard countless stories about how expensive it is and NOT inclusive of your food, drinks and activities. Club Med Kani has changed all that for you, and get in quick… who knows how long that’ll last.

Seven nights all inclusive at Club Med Kani in the Maldives staying in a Garden Villa — mere steps away from the crystal clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean — from only $1850 per person. Selected travel dates apply, see in store at your local Flight Centre, or call them today on 131600. It’ll be the best holiday you’ve ever had, I can guarantee it. 


Personal favourite touches

  • The ‘No News No Shoes’ sign right at the edge of the island. This is my kind of getaway.
  • The Food. So much and so good!  
  • The staff  are so friendly and genuine. They’re also encouraged to socialise with you. Grab a drink with them and ask a million questions about the Maldives and Club Med, I promise, it’s all fascinating! 
  • The work put in by Club Med staff ensuring the island is maintained and manicured at all times. It’s spotlessly clean, neat and tidy. 
  • Plenty of secluded areas on the island to completely disconnect and not see another soul. 
  • Do as little or as much as you like.

Burgo xx

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