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The Maldives used to be a destination I was saving for my ‘lottery list’ — you know, the top things you’d do when you eventually hit the jackpot? Well, I’ve been playing Powerball for over 20 years and have never won more than $100. Definitely not enough to go towards that out-of-reach trip to the Maldives, which used to cost north of $10,000 per person. But this week, Flight Centre South Australia changed the game. They put up a deal up that’s very hard to ignore; especially while we’re in the thick of a southern winter. At first, I thought it was too good to be true. In reality —after experiencing it — I can say that Club Med Kani is just too good!

This place is unbelievable and from the moment we pulled up in our boat, direct from Velana International Airport, we were greeted by the happiest people I’ve ever met. Now, this wasn’t your token welcoming party; they were key staff members from the resort, known as General Organisers (GOs), who were there to make sure Lauren, Hayley, Burge and I had everything we needed during our stay. These GOs with specialist skills are in every single Club Med resort, all over the globe. Club Med Kani GOs specialise in things like scuba diving, snorkelling, stand-up paddle boarding, yoga and aqua aerobics; others in world-class food and beverage — think tropical cocktails, yum — entertainment and… acrobatics. Yep, they can teach you how to swing on a trapeze set among the palm trees, right on the water’s edge!

All of the GOs specialise in communication and are there to ensure you get the most out of your trip to this bucket-list destination. Here are my tips on how to get the most out of every day you’re at Club Med Kani in the Maldives…

Tip #1. Speak to the GOs

One of the best things about staying at Club Med Kani is the people — especially the GOs. You’ll find GOs wherever you are: on the beach, around the pool, at the bar, in the restaurant… everywhere! They’re easy to spot and even easier to talk to over breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you want to snorkel with tropical fish, sharks, turtles, moray eels and manta rays, ask a GO. If you want to do yoga or Pilates at sunset, ask a GO. I was desperate to get a surf in, so I asked our GO where the closest breaks are. I learnt that there’s a decent wave a short walk around the reef from the resort, but she went one better by inviting me on a chartered boat with some locals, who were surfing on their day off. Legends!

It’s one big happy family at Club Med Kani, as the GOs take the time to get to know you and your family over some incredible food or a cocktail or two. And in turn, you’ll learn about where they come from and the things they love about their time living in the Maldives.

One of our other GOs grew up in Tahiti but said she definitely prefers the Maldives. Now that’s saying something!

Tip #2. Don’t sleep in

When you’re on holidays, there’s a temptation to make up for lack of sleep. And you could easily do that in your very comfy Garden Room, on the sand, or in one of many hammocks or lounge chairs scattered around the island. But, Club Med Kani has so many things I’ve always wanted to try, so I needed to get up early and cram like I was getting ready for a school test!

My mental alarm clock was still on Adelaide time, so I was out of bed by 5am. A quick dip in the pool, or the crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean, definitely makes for an incredible way to ‘splash some water on your face’ before breakfast each day! Did I mention that it’s a full buffet breakfast? It is.

Your Flight Centre deal is all-inclusive, so you can go your hardest at breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are delicious a la carte options at Club Med Kani, too, but everyone (including the GOs) raves about the buffet, because it’s so damned good! I’m not talking about a single station of bain-maries, with a couple of options for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I’m talking about six or so different restaurants under one roof — with chefs at every counter! They cater for everyone and just about every culture — giving true meaning to the term ‘all-inclusive’!

Tip #3. Become a Yes Man… or Woman

There are exciting new opportunities around every corner at Club Med Kani. Whether it’s trying a new sport, like stand-up paddle boarding — or doing something completely foreign like Zumba or a Bums and Tums Class — Club Med Kani is absolutely the place to try it! Hey, there’s even a swing set sitting in the middle of the ocean, somewhere between the Maldives and Adelaide, which makes for one of a thousand perfect photo opportunities you’ll find around the island. Sure, why not?

I did paddle boarding, snorkelling, sunset yoga, cocktails at Sunset Bar and three separate buffets, all in the same day. I also found an opportunity to learn all the words to Baby Shark, at a foam party, halfway between the bar and the pool! I was absolutely cooked after all of that, but when Lauren asked me to grab a diving mask and try to find her submerged Prada sunglasses right before the sun went down, the answer had to be — yes!

Tip #4. Bring the kids

Club Med Kani is super family-friendly! There’s plenty for your kids to do, so you won’t be torn between trying to relax and trying to keep them entertained. You can actually drop the kids off at the pool, without it meaning… you know? The GOs will look after them and teach them the most amazing life skills, like painting, cooking and catamaran sailing. Your kids will also be able to explore the lagoon with a snorkel and fins, swing from a trapeze and take regular kids’ aqua aerobics classes. And if they happen to be missing the friendly competition found in school yards, Club Med Kani also runs volleyball and ping pong tournaments, most days.

Don’t forget, Flight Centre South Australia has some mind-blowing kids’ pricing for these Club Med Kani’s all-inclusive packages.

Tip #5. Have no regrets!

If you’ve always wanted to swim with turtles and (harmless) sharks, learn to meditate, impress your SO with a romantic sail around an island, or try 100 different cuisines without the huge costs, Club Med Kani is a place where you can do them all… and more! I think this all-inclusive package from Flight Centre South Australia is a bargain from $1,850* and kept us busy for the entire trip. We’re taking the kids next year, as we have so many things we want to experience with them, too!

There are additional, optional paid experiences you can do on top of the huge range of all-inclusive experiences at Club Med Kani. Everyone is different and having the flexibility to tailor your holiday is just another reason to grab this deal. If you want to upgrade your accommodation to an Overwater Villa, no problem. If you want a few days to surf those waves you only ever see on TV and in magazines, too easy. And if you need half a day to yourself at the day spa, just go for it!

At the end of the day, why would you hold back if you’ve always wanted to get on a deep-sea fishing charter, go parasailing, get daily massages or take a romantic joyride at sunset in a seaplane? This is your time. You deserve it. No regrets!

Tip #6. Do some guilt-free shopping on the way home

Because it’s all-inclusive, we didn’t need to pull the credit card out for our entire trip to Club Med Kani. So, we had no issues doing a stealth shopping mission for the kids at Changi International Airport, on our way home with Singapore Airlines. All the big international brands were waiting for us and so were the shopping vouchers we received when we presented our boarding passes. Guilt-free shopping is the perfect way to finish this bucket-list trip! We found plenty of presents for the kids and I came home with a pair of duty-free Adidas sneakers, a serious tan and absolutely no regrets!

Jimmy x

This Flight Centre exclusive — 7 nights at Club Med Kani with all-inclusive meals from *$1850 is available for a limited time only! Check out the deal here, then call 131 600 or pop in and see your local Flight Centre Travel Expert to enquire.

*Subject to availability. Terms and conditions apply.

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