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By The Australian Institute of Fitness

Eating healthy often conjures thoughts of strict diets, number crunching and never ending preparation.

Australian Institute of Fitness Nutrition Expert Shivaun Conn says, “Good nutrition doesn’t have to be hard at all, and you can start making improvements instantly.”

Here are her nutrition tips on how to STAY on the health wagon and not fall off!

1. To increase your control in making a healthy choice at a restaurant, review the menu online before going.  Aim to do it after your last meal or snack when your blood sugar level is not too low.


2. Keep tempting unhealthy food off your desk and out of sight. The closer and the more visual food is, the more likely we are to eat it, and more of it!


3. Aim for 2-3 legume based meals per week, such as lentil or bean soups, salads or curries, chickpea burgers or home-made hummus with falafels, or kidney bean enchiladas. Legumes are high fibre, have a low glycaemic index, are a great source of vegetable protein, are a good source of B vitamins, are low in sodium and low in fat and are gluten free (suitable for people with coeliac disease or gluten sensitivity).


4. Eat a whole foods plant-based diet – plenty of fruits, vegetables, wholegrains and legumes. The research has linked diets rich in whole plant foods with longer and healthier lives. Shivaun’s Bruschetta on spelt toast recipe is packed full of wholegrains and veggies, get it on Instagram here.


5. Swap sugary drinks with sparkling natural mineral water or soda water with slices of fresh lime, lemon or orange.

6. Check for teaspoons of added sugar (4g = 1 teaspoon) in packaged products like yoghurt, cereal, drinks and sauces.


7. Keep back up meal options on hand for busy nights, such as frozen salmon, white fish, chicken or red meat, frozen vegetables, tins of tuna and salmon, pasta, quinoa, rice, or rice noodles, tins of crushed tomatoes, corn or legumes with plenty of herbs and spices to give flavour.


8. Aim for vegetables to make up > 50% of at least 2 meals per day. Shivaun’s Prawn Salad featuring tomatoes, spinach, avocado and herbs is a winner if you’re trying to up your veggie intake!

Try these tips and you should stay on the health wagon, even though we understand that some days are more challenging than others – especially in the colder months! If you’re after some delicious healthy dessert recipes, head over HERE.

Australian Institute of Fitness xx

Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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