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By the Adelady Team

It’s official Adelaide – you are HOT (like a sunrise). It reached a point yesterday where we genuinely wondered whether we were melting or not…

… OK so we might be a little dramatic, but I’m sure we aren’t the only ones. To anyone that bumped into us when our thighs were stuck to our leather chairs and we’d taken off so many layers of clothing it looked like you’d caught us during a game of strip poker – we are sorry.

Eventually we will acclimatise and everything will return to normal, but for the next few hot nights we are taking a stand — we officially REFUSE to slave over a hot stove.

Instead, we’ll be glued to the UberEATS app until further notice. Some perks include: not expelling too much energy while ordering (scrolling the app is a piece of cake!), you can watch your food as it arrives which means you only have to be outside of aircon for a limited time, and you can scan the huge range of options for the most refreshing meal to keep your core temperature waaaay down.

So because we are all about the people, we thought we would share our top UberEATS picks for those hot summer days.

1. Baskin Robbins Malvern

ICE CREAM. It’s the obvious choice, really.

Image Credit :: UberEATS

2. Rusco & Brusco Tigelleria Bar Osteria

They do a killer chicken salad (but honestly, my fave part is their traditional bread because #carbsarelife)

Image Credit :: UberEATS

3. Poke Me

The fresh tuna bowl will cool you down, AND you’ll feel so on-trend. It’s a win / win.

Image Credit :: UberEATS

4. Dolcetti Gelato

More ice cream. Can you spot a trend here?

5. Let Them Eat

Just because it’s hot, doesn’t mean you can’t be fancy with a sweet potato and goat cheese tart with salad.

Image Credit :: UberEATS

6. Bomdia Bowls Glenelg

Bombora Bowl – if you don’t know what this is, take our word for how DELICIOUS it is and try it yourself!

Image Credit :: UberEATS

7. Two Greek Boys

Honestly, their calamari is perfect for any time of year.

Image Credit :: UberEATS

8. The Black Olive

Healthy, delicious and cold, ticking all the boxes!

9. Nord Burger

Protein style burger – IT’S A LETTUCE BURGER OMG!

Image Credit :: UberEATS

10. Sushi Planet

A light, refreshing meal that’s great for sharing on those hot summer picnics.

Image Credit :: UberEATS

Millie Looker

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