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We’re all about vino and good vibes, so wine bars are easily one of the best trends to sweep Adelaide over the past few years. Our excitement goes through the roof every time we spot a new place to flock to on a Friday night and knock back a cheeky glass or two of vino. Here are some of our go-to wine bars all across Adelaide — hope you’re thirsty!

Good Gilbert

They opened their doors in late 2020, and they’ve become a neighbourhood favourite and Goodwood staple since. Good Gilbert are an on-trend, community-focused wine bar that encapsulates the comforting vibe of drinking at a mate’s place — but with better bevvies and nibbles! At the end of 2022 they opened up their adjoining restaurant and both limbs of Good Gilbert have seen immediate success, with their wine offerings being one of the most diverse in Australia.

Image Credit :: Good Gilbert

The Local Wine Co

Located on King William Road in Hyde Park, The Local Wine Co has an edge. Aptly named, this institution is all about meeting up with friends, whether it’s after work drinks, a start (or end) to a night out or just a lazy Sunday arvo with a loved one. What makes The Local Wine Co stand out is their self-serve approach, with a rotating set of 24 wine dispensing machines. Simply select your wine of choice, how full you’d like your glass and your good to go!

Image Credit :: The Local Wine Co


The definition of a hidden gem, if you’re walking down Rundle St and you blink — you’ll miss the entry to basement bar, Hellbound. But trust us, you don’t want to miss out on this experience! The mood is edgy yet unpretentious, trendy yet timeless. Chef Hannah Jeffrey, of Peel St and La Buvette fame, has put together a bar menu that perfectly compliments their extensive vino range.

Image Credit :: Hellbound

Bowden Cellars

Plant 3 (the famous Plant 4′ Bowden’s sister venue) is home to the total hub that is Bowden Cellars. This bar/bottle shop/restaurant/coffee spot truly is the best when it comes to celebrating South Aussie wines and produce. Founding duo, Dale and Josh have been doing their thing at the Adelaide Wine Markets for many successful years and finally have made a permanent home in the ever-trendy Bowden.

Image Credit :: Bowden Cellars


Located on buzzing Hindley St, APOTECA is all about that contemporary New York feel. Between the Main Bar, the Courtyard, the Cellar, Dispensary and Mezzanine there are so many charming options to hold private events or simply spend the night sipping with family and friends.

Image Credit :: APOTECA

Sideways Liquor Co.

Up north in Prospect you’ll find this super cool mash up of a boutique bottle-o and bar. A fast fave with the locals, Sideways Liquor Co opened its doors in 2021 to a thirsty neighbourhood and they’re all about celebrating the best of Australian wine and liquor! Picture this: you’ve gone to pick up a bottle and a particular vino (or beer!) has tickled your fancy… but you’re curious to know more. With a small corkage fee, it’s yours to taste and down on the spot, surrounded by pure vibes.

Image Credit :: Sideways Liquor Co.

With so many boutique wine bars out and about in Adelaide, we’ll be busy exploring for weeks!

Lily xx

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