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It’s no secret that winter in Adelaide gets cold. Like, REALLY cold. As we struggle through the grey and dreary days of winter every year there is one thing that’s always bugged me…

What on earth did we do to Mother Nature to deserve freezing winter days without the joy of snow?! Bitchy move, Mother Nature.

It turns out that I’m not the only one that’s been down about not getting a “proper winter” — and Jetty Road, Glenelg has answered my silent prayers!

Welcome to Winter Wonderland, which is here just in time for the school holidays! Winter Wonderland is the best way to enjoy the perks of snow and ice without having to visit the North Pole (which, let’s face it — is a little out of the standard family holiday budget).

In the words of the Fresh Prince of Belair, Moseley Square is getting flip-turned-upside-down, transforming into a big ice-rink right on the foreshore of Glenelg Beach. Located under SA’s first clear domed marquee, you’ll feel like you’re blissfully skating outside in Central Park. And the best part is that even if it rains, you’ll still leave the rink fully dry (unless you’ve spent a lot of time falling over, in which case, not even a marquee can help you).

If ice-skating isn’t your thing, then DON’T STOP READING because this year you can also take a ride down the 25m toboggan slide. Ahhh, finally a sport that I can enjoy while sitting down, that’s definitely up my alley.

We’ve got quite the crush on Jetty Road, Glenelg, so dragging us home after our time on the ice was never going to be an option. With a whole strip full of warming coffees, delicious food, and a little bit of retail therapy (don’t judge our spending habits please!), you’ll easily be able to send your family on an entire fun-filled day out without having to leave the Bay.

And just because we love you, we’ve made it super easy to wrap your head around, with everything you need to know RIGHT HERE…

WHEN :: 1-22 July 2018. From 10am each day, with late night sessions on Friday and Saturday evenings (forget the kids, how about a date night? Cue Spandau Ballet…)

WHERE :: Moseley Square, Glenelg

TICKETS :: Single bookings, family bookings, group bookings, school bookings… adults, kids, concessions… morning, noon or night… ice-skating or tobogganing… the options vary, as do the prices, so check them out HERE.

TRANSPORT :: Drive your car! Ride your bike along the Mike Turtur Bikeway! Catch the tram! Catch the bus! The options are endless.

PARKING :: Just about everywhere. Try some paid parking under The Beach House or along Colley Terrace, or grab a spot in one of the side streets or down at Glenelg Oval, which is a short tram ride away.

So now that you have all the fast facts, there’s no way you can be mad at Mother Nature anymore, right? Make the most of winter by spending it in Wonderland, down at the bay. See you there (we’ll be the ones falling flat on our a$$es)!

Millie Looker

Millie Looker

Writer, Content Creator, Events Manager and Operations sensation, she’s the backbone to ensuring Adelady runs like clockwork.

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