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As if we didn’t already LOVE BIG4 West Beach Parks… now, there are a few new friendly faces ready to welcome you with open arms!

This winter, a crew of seaside creatures has come to stay — you’ll find them dotted around the Park, ready to show you a good time. No longer will you just be visiting a cabin… you’ll be visiting Willy the Whiting’s cabins, or Clementine the Clam’s eco-tents!

The beauty of West Beach Parks is that there is endless fun to be had by the whole family, all in one spot. The Park spans 1.2km (it’s HUGE) and includes awesome facilities like a heated swimming pool, jumping pillow, splash zone, games room and more. Not to mention, there are indoor and outdoor barbecues so you can enjoy a sausage sizzle anytime of year, as well as beautiful firepits perfect for roasting marshmallows.

With accommodation options to suit everyone, including powered camp sites and cabins that sleep up to seven people, all you need to do is book and then sit back and relax. And trust us, the kids will love going on a treasure hunt to find all the sea creatures around the Park!

Wondering what in the world we’re talking about? Let us introduce you to the crew… you might even pick up a few hints on where to find these cuties!

Sonny the Starfish

Sonny the Starfish is taking a holiday, he’s packed his bags and he’s going away. He loves to stay at BIG4 West Beach Parks, to chill with the dolphins and hide from the sharks. With a golf stick in one hand, tennis racquet in the other, a surfboard, snorkel and a kiss from his mother — Sonny splashes, dances and loves to play at BIG4 West Beach Parks all night and all day.

Daphne the Dolphin

Daphne the Dolphin with her long bottlenose, takes care of the menu with her culinary prose. The “surf and surf” she shouts from her stool, then she feasts on crustaceans until she is full.

Carlos the Cuttlefish

Carlos the Cuttlefish is clever and wise and can camouflage himself with a flick of the eyes. This makes it tricky to play hide and seek, when he vanishes without so much as a squeak.

Freddie the Flying Fish

Freddie the Flying FIsh from southern cod kin, teaches Sonny to fly with a pectoral fin. Using a BIG4 West Beach Parks towel they fashion new wings, then laugh like kookaburras as they glide past the swings.

Clementine the Clam

When Sonny needs quiet time away from the race, Clementine the Clam is there to slow down the pace. With her big soundproof shell, the shy little soul offers Sonny a place to hide from it all.

Ted the Turtle

Ted the Turtle with his extra long neck, takes Sonny out to the beach for some extra long treks. Whether cruising the dunes or surfing the tide, Ted is always around to offer a ride.

Sally the Seahorse

Sally the Seahorse with her pot belly tickles, tells Sonny jokes ’til he cries from the giggles. They she’ll catch up with Daphne for a good arvo feed, to fill her pot-stomach with salted seaweed.

Jimmy the Jellyfish

Jimmy the Jellyfish is great for a chat, if Sonny wants to talk Jimmy’s all over that. Transparent and kind, on heart strings he’ll tug, listening without judgement with the very best hugs!

Capri the Coral

Capri the Coral is bright as a button, pretty as a picture and sweet as a muffin. She plays golf with Sonny with a swing of her hips, then putts like a pro with her juicy red lips.

Rick the Rock Lobster

But it’s Rick the Rock Lobster with his love of a song who gets Sonny up dancing and singing along.

Willy the Whiting

With Willy the Whiting, the most chilled fish on land, they plan in their very own BIG4 West Beach Parks band!

What are you waiting for? Book in a getaway at BIG4 West Beach Parks that the whole family will love — and maybe you’ll even meet some new sea creature friends.

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