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As an Adelad, this strange and difficult illness comes over most of us annually… around this time of year.

It’s what I call the IHNIWIGH. Pronounced “inny-wig” rhymes with Guinea Pig.

It stands for I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I GET HER and it’s best written in capital letters to truly convey the stress and anxiety you have around WTF to get your Adelady this Christmas.

So, to assist you, I got my inner Family Feud Producer on, and conducted a survey. I asked the females in my life what gift it is they’d like most from their partner this Christmas.

As well as discovering some fantastic gift ideas, I also realised that women have little-to-no faith in men at gift-giving times…and women also aren’t good communicators.

Here’s a list of 11 ideas to get YOUR Adelady this Christmas AND where you can find them…

1. AN APPLE WATCH. This respondent has no faith her partner will purchase this gift for her, nor has she told him she wants it for Christmas. This item can be found at: the Apple Store. 

2. DAY SPA VOUCHER. This respondent hasn’t communicated her desires for this gift with her partner. This respondent also wishes for a solo visit day spa voucher, and has no desire to do a couples experience. This gift can be found at: Temple Day Spa. 

3. A HOLIDAY. A popular answer, but one respondent says she’d like it to be somewhere that means something for both of them to create new memories and also doesn’t think her partner will take the initiative to buy it. This gift can be found at: Flight Centre.

3. A NICE PIECE OF JEWELLERY. Something sentimental reflecting an important date would be nice. This respondent doesn’t think her parter would know to get her this item, nor has she told him she’d like it. This gift can be found at: Opal Diamond Factory.

4. A WEEKEND AWAY. This was a popular response and luckily for us Adelads, ALL of the respondents want us on the trip! HOORAH!!! Somewhere new, exciting and romantic would make this the perfect gift. This gift can be found at: Barossa Shiraz Estate. 

5. A WINE DECANTER. For the wine-loving Adelady in your life…this respondent has such little faith in her partner, she’s actually going to buy it for herself, wrap it up and tag it from her husband for Christmas. I’m so sorry from men everywhere. This gift can be found at: House & Garden. 

6. SHOES. This respondent revealed she doesn’t think her partner even knows what shoe size she is. Adelads, ASK! Also make sure you keep the receipt and have some vague understanding of her style, that helps. This gift can be found at: Hey SouSou. 

7. A HOTEL STAY WITH A BABYSITTER. This respondent seems happy for a little staycation, a night away somewhere somewhere with a romantic meal BUT wants YOU to organise the babysitter…This gift can be found: Seawall Apartments. 

8. SUNGLASSES. This respondent wants to make sure you know her style though, and wouldn’t feel bad in telling you she hated what you got her. Hot tip: KEEP THE RECEIPT. This gift can be found at: National Pharmacies Optical.

9. A SHAKTI MAT. I had to do some serious research regarding what this actually is. Here’s what I discovered…”it’s an acupressure mat based on the Indian bed of nails. Thousands of spikes apply pressure to skin and muscles supporting circulation, relaxation, mental clarity and well-being” Gift of torture, you decide. This gift can be found at: Yoga Shak.

Image Credit :: Shakti Mats

10. PERFUME. This respondent says she’s unlikely to splurge on such luxuries herself, so it makes the perfect gift and really likes the thought (she thinks) would go into it…by “the thought” it’s usually the advice you ask 43 year old Karen behind the counter, right? This gift can be found at: National Pharmacies.

11. MAKEUP. In theory, this could be a great gift. However, I am NOT willing to take my chances on getting something that *COULD* be deemed offensive, you know the old “oh, so I need makeup do I”…then there’s the risk of getting the wrong stuff, wrong brand, wrong colour, wrong shade AGHHHH! So, maybe a VOUCHER for makeup is your best bet! This gift can be found at: also, National Pharmacies! 

In conclusion, guys, apparently we’re supposed to read our ladies minds and get them the perfect gift. Another warning sign to be mindful of is when they rip out the old “nah babe, I don’t want anything” OR “let’s not do presents”…we both know THEY WANT A PRESENT and will more than likely have something to give you, making you look the fool when you listened to the “no presents” policy.

All I can say is, GOOD LUCK and may the festive force be with you!


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