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By Carmel MargaritIs

So I was scrolling the Instagram feed not paying any attention to the movie I was watching when I then came across A picture of @rozalia_russian wearing an amazing denim jacket. I instantly became obsessed with it and had to have it. So, as you do I put everything on hold (even the peanut M&Ms I was eating) to find this jacket.



 I found it & I cried over the US$349 price tag. For a second I considered compulsively buying it…but then I remembered the costs to entertain and feed my kids during the school holidays was slightly more important.

So what do I do next… get over it and continue on with life? No, the “have to have it” demon came out so I decided to make myself one. Given that this jacket will be a short lived fashion trend, making one was a very easy and inexpensive task.

The best part about making it yourself is that you can personalise it, my two daughters each selected a badge that reminded them of their mummy (watery eyes moment), check out my result. 


Here’s how I did it…

1. Buy a cheep denim jacket (Tempt $29) or use an old one that you have

2. Visit Lyncraft 

3. Lay out the badges on your jacket using bobby pins so you can move things around

4. Once you are happy with your placement of badges you can glue, sew or iron them on. 

5. (Option) add embroidery to it ($30)

Total I paid = $79

So there you have it ladies,  never give up on that purchase you thought was too expensive, there is always a way we can get what we want.

Carmel x


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