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By the Adelady Team



If you can’t already tell, the silly season is well and truly HERE. If we haven’t been returning emails or answering our phones, it’s because we’ve been busy hosting dance parties in our office.

The Adelady team has an uncanny resemblance to the Vengaboys… Image Credit :: Metropolis Touring

Ok, ok, if we’re going to be totally honest then we’d better tell you that our favourite part of the silly season is actually… the copious amounts of glorious food, of course! We’re talking normal foods served in miniature sizes and huge platters with chunks of cheese falling off the sides — it’s our version of HEAVEN.

Unfortunately when it’s our turn to play hostess with the mostess, we find ourselves in a bit of a pickle because we haven’t perfected our arancini balls and we don’t know how to roll sushi without it going floppy — cue panic.

Luckily, 2017 was the year we discovered Uber Eats and so — with the help of the glorious app — we came up with a list of all the best party foods that you can have delivered to your door (and as a bonus, you can order all year round which means it’s basically ALWAYS a party!)

Tip :: To really feel our vibe, we recommend reading this list with Sandstorm playing in the background ha!

1. Edible Blooms

2. Pizza Lola

Image Credit :: Uber Eats

3. Panacea

Image Credit :: Uber Eats

4. Sushi Planet

5. Kalymnos Pastries

Image Credit :: Uber Eats

Millie Looker

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