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Wangolina has you set for international adventures right here in SA.

We sure enjoy a wine or two, but we’re no experts — we just know what we like! And boy, do we love what comes out of Limestone Coast’s Wangolina, headed up by wine guru Anita Goode.

Image credit :: Ockert Le Roux

Apart from feeling out of our depth when chatting to a sommelier, delving into a new variety leaves our heads spinning. That’s what Anita and her team are determined to flip on its head, making it more interesting and less daunting to branch out from your regular vino order.

“Our big focus over the last few years has been growing more small parcels of rare things — and we’re now proudly the leading producer of alternate varieties on the Limestone Coast. It’s more making wine from passion, rather than following a recipe — it’s having a play around to create something more interesting, and our focus is on wines made outside our region or South Australia,” Anita says.

She’s well aware that it can be tricky to deviate from what you know, so Anita gave us a little crash course on her latest alternative varieties…


Wangolina Grüner Veltliner

The OG of Anita’s alternate varieties, it’s the only Grüner Veltliner made on the Limestone Coast.

International trivia: Austria’s most popular white wine.

Tastes like: A savoury type of wine that’s like a cross between the bright freshness of a Riesling and the texture of a Pinot Gris.

Drink with: Chicken and a bit of spice.

Image credit :: Ben Macmahon

Malvasia Istriana

This crisp, lighter feeling wine retains its natural acidity and benefits from minimal intervention.

International trivia: Originally from Friuli and Slovenia.

Tastes like: This one’s exotic and versatile, with fruit and interest on the palate.

Drink with: Fish pie.

Stay tuned as they continue to expand their (and your!) horizons with several other alternate varieties in the works.

And if that’s all too much, Anita encourages you just to take a punt and have fun! “At the end of the day, it’s about sitting around with a bunch of friends, enjoying each other’s company and sharing a wine that will complement that moment. When that comes together, it’s the best part of life and exactly what we think about putting into every bottle!”

Image credit :: Ben Macmahon

When you head to Wangolina’s award- winning cellar door, the crew is excited to run through a tasting and chat wine with you, no matter how in depth (or not) you want to go! “We think of ourselves as a casual and welcoming cellar door. We want you to explore, enjoy and ask all the questions. As long as you’re smiling and loving the experience, that’s as fancy as we need it to get!”


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