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By Lauren Hunt, Early Childhood Educator :: Teacher Types


School holidays are here! What is it with Australia this year that it seems like all of the states are out of sync – so you’ve probably seen other parents all over social media sharing their school holiday adventures, but ours are only just starting here in SA.

The October school holidays are a great time to get out and about and enjoy the Spring sunshine! But if you’re looking for some fun activities you can also do indoors to keep the kids occupied – here are…

10 Activities to keep the kids busy these holidays


1. Beach Sensory Tub

Bring the beach indoors with some kinetic sand – the most glorious sensory play material, you won’t believe it until you try it). Add some pretty shells and a variety of pebbles to this large floor tub. Our friend ‘Beach Lily’ is hanging out and encouraging lots of imaginative play. If you’re feeling brave, head outside and use real water and real sand – but this is the low mess version!


2. ‘Spring’ Invitation to Play

Let your little one explore Spring time with some play dough and natural materials. We added insects, flowers, straws, pebbles and buttons to some brilliant green play doh and it kept this three year old busy for ages!


3. Play Dough Rainbow

Sticking with the play doh (because every kid of any age loves play doh) – give your child the three primary colours – red, yellow and blue. Then guide them to mix the red +yellow to make orange, yellow + blue to make green, and blue + red to make purple. Roll them out and make a rainbow! Be warned though – left unsupervised all these pretty colours could turn into a yucky shade of brown…


4. Bi Carb Soda + Vinegar Experiment

This one is such a classic combination, but it is so fascinating to kids as they watch the vinegar bubble and fizz when it comes into contact with the bi carb soda. Just add a bit of food colouring to the vinegar to see all the pretty colours!


5. Homemade Musical Instruments

Have a look around your home, kitchen and pantry for some every day items to create some musical instruments. It can be as simple as rice in those little kinder surprise containers, taped between two spoons to create maracas. When you’re finished put on some music and have a dance party J (for all the instructions – visit Lauren’s blog HERE.)


6. Make a Chatterbox

Do you remember making these as a kid? I certainly do! If you’ve forgotten, here’s a great tutorial (WATCH HERE). Depending on the age of your child, you can use colours, letters, numbers or words to decorate it and leave secret messages inside.


7. Cloud in a Jar

This one takes a little bit of patience… Squirt some shaving cream onto the top of a jar or glass of water, then drop a few drips of food colouring into the shaving cream. Watch and wait for it, wait for it, don’t look away…the result is pretty spekky!


8. Salt Dough Creations

Salt dough is much like homemade play dough – simple combine 1 cup of salt + 1 cup of flour + half a cup of warm water. Create your shapes and allow plenty of time for baking! (A low temp of 120 degrees for 3 hours until they have completed dried out). Then paint and decorate!


9. Puzzle Presents

This is such a clever idea to make an ordinary puzzle so much more inviting! Wrap up all the pieces is alfoil or wrapping paper and your kid will think it’s like Christmas.


10. Nature Trail

Make the most of the glorious Spring weather and head outside to your local park, playground or just your back yard. Create a scavenger hunt list of things for your kids to find, collect them in a treasure basket and use them in all sorts of craft activities (look no further than Pinterest!).


Want more?

Here’s 10 more activities from Lauren…

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