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Guest Blog By Kirri :: EFM Health Clubs

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Aside from the numero uno reason why we should all be heading to EFM for a good sweat sesh (hint: it’s got everything to do with being the best version of ourselves), there are lots of other reasons that you might not know yet. So here you go — 10 reasons why you should be heading to EFM Health Clubs toot-sweet.

1. Your a NAME, not just a number, when you train at EFM.

2. At EFM, our mission is to make your session the best 45min-60min of your day!

3. Every sessions is conducted under the watchful eye of a qualified and experienced Fitness Coach, so they can make sure you’re exercising correctly to get the best results.

4. EFM does it indoors and out!

5. Anyone can SMASH you in a session, but EFM has the knowledge to help put you back together.

6. You get to train with like-minded people, and become part of a tight knit community.

7. Miss a session? Expect a text message or an email from the team to let you know you were missed.

8. You will be given a target for every machine, which holds you accountable to work at a pace that’s going to improve your fitness and overall wellbeing (no slacking off once your fitness levels have risen).

9. Every session is DIFFERENT, so you don’t get bored or stuck on working the same muscle groups every day.

10. EFM empowers you with the knowledge & motivation to be the BEST VERSION of yourself. Boom, told you that was the big one!

Kirri x

Millie Looker

Millie Looker

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