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Guest Blog By Kirri :: EFM Health Clubs

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Knowledge is POWER, so be aware of what you are putting in your body this festive season.

Don’t drink your calories this Chrissy…

Glass of champagne :: 85 calories & ZERO nutritional value (ZNZ… ha)

Glass of sparkling red :: 95 calories

Glass of red wine :: 80 calories

Glass of egg nog :: 156 calories (3.4g fat + 22.6g sugar)

Rum + coke :: 300 calories (it’s the Coke that will getcha … gut rotter!)

Gin + Tonic :: 110 calories

* Handy tip — don’t add mixers to your spirits as they are loaded with sugar, and that’s what blows the calorie count out of the water! Instead, try soda or sparkling mineral water.

What’s in your Chrissy lunch…

Bacon + egg sandwich or muffin :: 296 calories / 1.9g sugar / 13.2g fat

1 slice of roast turkey :: 81 calories / 1.7g sugar / 2.3g fat

4 large prawns :: 25 calories / 0 sugar / 0/1g fat

Slice of plum pudding :: 140 calories / 12.4g sugar / 1g fat (add brandy sauce and you add calories and sugar!)

1 fruit mince pie :: 207 calories / 20.5g sugar / 2.4g fat

How to help over come Sugar dependency?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but SUGAR is the real danger in society today. It is in EVERYTHING and sugar has 56 different names, just to confuse the consumer.

To help cut some of that badness out of your diet, here are some suggestions…

1. Eat fresh, seasonal, non-packaged foods — ideally that come directly from the farmer/farmers market or a good green grocer.

2. Cook your own food. We need to get back into the kitchens and start preparing food for our fam bams again.

Do the time BEFORE you do the crime…

EFM’ers are encouraged to work off the calories before hitting the Chrissy dinner table.

Calories burned depends on a persons weight and height, but here is an idea for a 77kg person exercising for 30mins.

Jogging :: 372 calories

Interval session :: 465 calories

Swimming :: 372 calories

Flat cycling :: 372 calories

Strength session :: 220 calories

Merry Christmas to all you crazy cats!

Kirri x

Millie Looker

Millie Looker

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