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By Hayley Pearson

How much does it suck hanging out in doctor’s waiting rooms for waaaay too long — just because you need a sick certificate, to prove you were sick?

When you have a newborn wouldn’t it be the DREAM if you could just hire a Breast Pump, rather than forking out to buy one?!

When you’re stuck in bed sick as a dog, wouldn’t it be amazzzzing if someone could deliver your medicine straight to your home?

Well, today’s your lucky day! Because now you have an alternative for all of the above!

National Pharmacies is not just a chemist. They’re so much more! And there are 40 of them across SA!

Here are 10 things you didn’t know you could do at your local National Pharmacies store…

1. They deliver your medicine straight to your home!

We’re all busy and some of us are lazy (like us) OR more importantly, recovering from an illness or an operation — so it’s hard to get to the pharmacy. At National Pharmacies, they have a service that can deliver your medicine or other pharmacy items directly to your home. It’s like Uber Eats — but not food. Unless you desperately need those pharmacy jelly beans! Lols.

2. They offer screening for people who can’t sleep AND it’s free!

Singer, Post Malone just tattooed “Always Tired” across his face. I hear you brother! Who isn’t always tired?

About 45% of Australians suffer from inadequate sleep. And it’s not just new mums and dads. This can affect work performance and is a major source of risk on our roads.

National Pharmacies can check for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA). It’s a sleeping disorder where your breathing is repeatedly interrupted during sleep. Symptoms are loud snoring, morning headaches, depression and sexual dysfunction. The good news is, you can be successfully treated! Pop into a store and get yourself a screening!

3. Yep, they write sick certificates.

Many workplaces require employees to have a leave certificate if they are taking personal, sick or carers leave. I always assumed that you had to go to your GP to get a “legit” sick certificate. But, National Pharmacies’ pharmacists will conduct a consultation with you in a private and confidential environment and a leave certificate is issued for a small fee.

This is only for minor ailments or conditions. If you have a serious illness, you should see your GP or get further advice from the pharmacist.

4. You can hire equipment like crutches, nebulisers and breast pumps.

YES — breast pumps! Which as we all know can be outrageously expensive when you’re already forking out for all the other newborn gadgets! Before you come instore, just call your nearest National Pharmacies to check they have the equipment available.

5. They offer you a range of health screenings in store! 

Yep, another option for you if you need health screening test like cholesterol, blood glucose and blood pressure monitoring. They even offer bowel screen test kits. I know first hand — I see these “poo tests” at my mum and dads house every 2 years.

6. They know more than you think…

All the lovely ladies and gents you see at your local National Pharmacies are full of wisdom and will more often than not give you all the information you need — which for morbid mums like me, is very handy! Whether it’s asking why your kid’s bum is itchy, what this strange rash is on their face, or how to deal with the copious amounts of snot from your newborn’s nose — they will help you!

7. They’ve still got your back when you’re overseas.

When you’re travelling away from our fine state, and maybe you come into ill health and need to see a doctor but you’re in a non-English speaking country (or you just don’t trust the doctor you’re seeing) — jump online and ask the National Pharmacies pharmacist a question! They can help you decipher your medications and help you decide whether you can take certain ones together.

8. No more “that will be a 15 minute wait please”!

Time is precious! So, National Pharmacies have teamed up with the MedAdvisor APP  so you can actually pre-order your medications, which means no waiting around in-store, impulsively buying things you don’t need and turning your arm into a rainbow with test lipsticks to kill the time.

With MedAdvisor you can also get reminders to take your mediation, and manage your loved one’s medications.

9. They offer beauty services… 

Did you know you at selected National Pharmacies stores they have private consult rooms where leading skincare and beauty brands offer things like facials and skin treatments? Neither did I! 

10. You can have your eyes tested! 

They have 20 Optical stores across the state! You can get your eyes tested and buy yourself some fancy new frames! Plus, as a member you never pay full retail price. Tick-tick!

So there you go, now your mind has been expanded with all the wonderful things that National Pharmacies has to offer!

Hayley xx

Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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