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By Amanda – On The Chopping Board

:: 12 Waymouth St, Adelaide

:: (08) 8211 8871

Delicatessen Kitchen and Bar had been on my hit list for a while so when a friend at work informed me of the delicious sounding lunch she encountered there, I knew I had to bump it up the list much quicker. One Tuesday lunch, myself, 2 girlfriends and a baby enter the spacious, well presented, french inspired establishment. On this particular day there are only a couple of tables occupied and as we arrive with a pram in tow we are promptly upgraded to a larger table. We are provided with 2 menu choices, the specialised lunch menu and the full dinner menu. We all select something from the lunch menu as they all sound delicious, well sized and reasonably priced.

I select the ‘New York Reuben Sandwich’ as this is one of my favourite types of sandwiches. I’ve never really found one in Adelaide that compares to the many incredible ones I’ve had in America. And, as I am dining in a predominantly French inspired restaurant, my expectations are not overly high on this occasion. But, as you can hopefully tell by this photo when the sandwich landed on the table in front of me I was thrilled! With the height of this sandwich it was definitely deserving of it’s ‘New York’ title.


The many layers of corned beef piled high on top of a generous serve of sauerkraut got me and my friends wondering how I was going to attempt to bite into this larger than life sandwich! But it looked too good to not squash it all in! The rye bread was lightly toasted, the corned beef was tender and sliced delicately, the sauerkraut was juicy, salty and perfectly acidic, the Swiss cheese melted and the dressing which I’m guessing was a type of mustard added even more enjoyment to this sandwich. Lets not forget the pickle on the side!  I am addicted to pickles after all and this pickle added great crunch and more vinegary goodness to my lunch.

One of my friends ordered the ‘Club Sandwich’ with fries which she loved. Her highlight was the egg as it was cooked perfectly.  She also loved the creamy mayonnaise, the smokey flavours from the chicken and the crunchy outer and soft inner of the chips.


My other friend ordered the ‘Roast Duck and Cucumber Roll’ with pickled green peppers and Camembert which she also enjoyed. In particular, she loved the tender duck meat with it’s crispy skin in the light and fresh brioche roll. Overall the food delivered here was of top quality. None of us could fault the food and we definitely thought about all the tantalising flavours for days afterwards. I definitely recommend the lunch menu.


Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly :: A couple of vegetarian options.

Child Friendly :: More of a corporate clientele at lunch but a baby in a pram was warmly welcomed.

Ambiance :: 3/5 Quiet on this particular day.

Service: 4/5 :: Friendly and prompt table service.

Food: 10/10 :: Couldn’t fault the food!

My first 10! In total OTCB gives Delicatessen Kitchen & Bar 17/20 chops on The Chopping Board.

Amanda xx

Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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