I mean, I won’t throw the word POSITIVE around too much at the moment, nobody wants to be tested positive. If you’re like us and have a sore thumb and severe anxiety from flicking through never ending feeds of Coronavirus negativity, then I hope you’ll enjoy this! I’m a glass-half-full kinda girl, so I’ll always try to look on the bright side of life, even though deep down, I’m PANICKING!

So, while we’re ALL stuck, let’s remind ourselves of the positives about being in isolation…

1. It’s no bra day every friggin’ day! Don’t even think twice about supporting your honkers, we all know letting them be free is the greatest feeling in the world. So let them bounce and dip into things they shouldn’t.

2. No need to lie to your partner about secret stealth shopping sprees because… you don’t need clothes. Nobody will even see you, except your kids and partner and let’s be honest, they don’t notice what you’re wearing anyway.

3. You will become the QUEEN OF DIY. I swear “How do you take off SNS nails at home?” will be the most Googled question of 2020. Here’s the link, I Googled it today: https://momcurls.com/remove-sns-nails/

4. You’ll realise that eating jam with a spoon for that much-needed ‘sugar hit’ actually works!

5. You’ll hear your neighbours yelling at their kids and think, “Is that what I sound like?”  So, you’ll try to yell less loud next time.

6. You will become the master of playing Freezer Tetris. It’s so self-satisfying how many casseroles and frozen lasagnes can fit into one small space. #beproud

7. You’ll be so much more grateful for everything you have had up until now. When this is all over, you’ll hug your loved ones even more, and if you stay in the hug long enough, you might even make more babies. 

8.  Dogs are living the actual dream with their humans at home ALL THE TIME. Cats on the other hand might be less stoked that they have so much love and company. To be honest, they probs can’t wait for you to piss off back to work. 

9. You’ll become much less wasteful and will be saving the environment by eating every single crumb and reusing every piece of soft and hard plastic you have in your home. Cheap Tuesday is EVERY DAY!

10. You’ll realise what a shit-awful teacher you are and will never say “teachers get it so good” ever again. Thank you for everything, teachers, we love you. PS can you please help me be less shit? 

11. You’ll find out what you look like sans lash extensions, tans, eyebrow waxing, re-growth touch ups and laser hair removal. And you might even love yourself more au naturel! (Every bit of me wants to believe that, but I’m pretty sure my grey re-growth and bald eye lids will disagree.)

12. Your “handy” husband — who has promised to put all your paintings up on the walls for the last 18 months — WILL actually do it. 

13. You’ll realise that you can feed a family of four a delicious pasta dish for under $8 and call your mum and all your friends to boast about it and share your recipe. FYI, the recipe is pasta, a jar of passata and grated cheese. 

14. You don’t have to see ANYONE you don’t want to see… cause you can’t. You might even learn to like them again!

15. You’ll realise Home and Away is still on TV. And Irene is also STILL on the show! 

Image credit digitalspy.com

16. You’re saving lives by staying home. Seriously, we are all heroes. That’s even better than eating jam with a spoon! Then, as soon as this is all over, we can hug the crap out of each other again.

Hayley x

Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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