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With the world appearing to be all topsy turvy at the moment, what does it mean for realestate in SA? Is it a good time to buy an investment property? Is it a good time to sell? How do we inspect homes? With Government guidelines changing daily, we sat down with our great friends at Century 21 and found out all the information you’re looking for and rest assured, all 18 offices in SA, have your back!

+ As a team, how are Century 21 adapting to what’s going on in the world right now?

Fortunately, we have always been progressive with technology and all Century 21 offices provide some of the most comprehensive and effective video and audio platforms available to communicate with our clients, as well as standard email and text. Our in-house operating system allows instant contact with our valued clients including video streaming and the ability for our clients to view in real time all activity relating to their property including inspections, offers and buyer feedback.

+ With the latest Government guidelines, what does that mean for home inspections?

At this stage we are still able to conduct private inspections and potential buyers also have the ability to inspect any of our properties using a number of online video streaming platforms. We are also able to conduct auctions online subject to Government regulations.

“This is the future — if you take for example our property at 33 Gloucester Street Largs Bay,  you can see the 3D floor plan, go on a virtual tour, and even measure the size of the rooms, so you can really imagine yourself living in it. This is how we sell homes to our interstate and overseas buyers so, it’s no different buying locally,” says Wally Karpiuk, Principal at Century 21 Mawson Lakes.

 + Is it a good time to buy at the moment?

Each market is unique, we continue to experience strong demand throughout Adelaide and have reported strong sales results with a number of excellent results reported today. “We want to reassure our vendors that we will continue to look after them, communicate with them and that everything can be done remotely during this period of change”, says Wally.

 + What do we need to consider when selling homes right now?

There will naturally be fewer buyers in the market with what I would assume will be an overall focus on individual health and safety. Keep in mind that with interest rates at an historical lows and the volatility in the stock market we predict strong demand from investors.

+ What should we be looking for in a realestate agent?

Experience and local knowledge are essential together with the ability to introduce as many possible buyers to your property, this is why an Agency boasting a large network of professionals is essential with state of the art technology making the buying process as easy as possible.

 + Tips on how to get the most for your sale?

Styling and presentation is critical, first impressions are everything, Street presence will determine if a buyer decides to look further and once within the property the buyer must be able to imagine themselves living in the home so declutter, set rooms up to accentuate space and light. If furniture is unavailable particularly in larger family homes, then we recommend the services of a staging company to provide furniture and other effects. Marketing is also critical to achieving an outstanding result, quality photos, effective social media and real estate portals all combine to establish a vision of lifestyle and emotional attachment.

Find your local Century 21 in SA HERE, they have 18 offices across our beautiful state!

Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

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