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By Roxy – Kids in Adelaide


We’ve had a few heated discussions about what it’s like to be a girl here at Kids in Adelaide, and it got us thinking about the things we wish for our daughters when they’re our age. This definitely isn’t a man-hating or a bra-burning vent, it’s just a few things we hope are different or better for them in twenty years (notice my attempt to make you think we’re still in our twenties)?!

Here goes,

1. I wish that my daughter can experience the joy of becoming a mum without suffering the battles of also trying to be an employee. Can we please sort out the part-time work force for mums trying to get back to work, how hard is it?! We’re raising the children that will one day run your companies. 

2. I wish that she can choose to have a child with her wife if she wishes to.

3. I wish my daughter will be able to play sport without having to worry about whether the uniform is going to be made of lycra. And even if it is lycra I hope she feels confident and healthy and kicks butt. I hope she can play sport, and get all sweaty and dirty without being called a tomboy, because it’s just ‘normal’.

4. I wish that her workplace doesn’t act like a crappy ex-boyfriend when she becomes pregnant, telling her they love her but are not IN love with her. Essentially dumping her from all future planning and running off with another girl as soon as they can.

5. I wish that if she does the same job as a man, she gets paid the same amount as him.

6. I wish that my daughter can feel supported as a stay at home mum AND also feel supported as a working mum. Whatever she chooses will be the right thing for her family. We should be able to support women in whatever decision they make, right?!!

7. I wish she can feel free to breastfeed in public without feeling like she has to defend the job of feeding her child.

8. I wish that if she can’t breastfeed in public, she can bottle feed in public without defending the job of feeding her child.

9. I wish that she doesn’t feel the need to share a “post baby selfie” the week after she gives birth. We need to stop putting so much pressure on ourselves!

10. I wish she can feel safe to go for a walk at night, while the kids are in bed, to clear her head and have some ‘me time‘ and do exercise.

11. I wish she ALWAYS feels safe in her own home.

12. I wish that when she has a girls’ night out, dad’s not at home “babysitting”. Dad’s at home being a DAD, he’s not letting her have the “night off”.

13. I wish my daughter can travel the world without having to worry about bomb threats and terrorists and war. I hope she can spend time learning about herself and how strong and independent she can be.

14. I wish she can still buy food fresh from a farm. I hope farms still exist and that they’re owned by Australians.

14. I wish she doesn’t feel like she has to look like or act like a Kardashian to be “cool”.

16. I wish smoking cigarettes isn’t an option because they don’t exist anymore.

17. I wish she loves sneakers as much as I do.

Roxy xx

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Adelady Guest

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