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With millions jumping on the #vanlife handle, caravanning is now a young person’s game!

After a surprise global pandemic, travellers of all ages are saying see ya to overseas holidays and instead seeking out family getaways in their own backyard. This means that great SA businesses like Adelaide City Caravans have never been busier. 

Headed up by local legend and caravan enthusiast of over 25 years, Michael Steindorf, Adelaide City Caravans is the best in the biz. “I’m so proud to offer a massive range of unique off-road, on-road, semi-off road and family caravans with features that make them all tough, luxurious and stand head and shoulders above other brands,” says Michael.  

Michael’s passion has extended into him designing his own range of caravans made right here in Australia — Kakadu Caravans and boy-oh-boy are they amazing! “They’re purpose-built to suit the harsh Australian terrain and they’ll take you anywhere and everywhere you want to go, in style,” smiles Michael. 

And if you’re like me — a “hotel girl”, not a camper — then a Kakadu Caravan will be right up your alley. These babies are luxury on four wheels — just step inside and you can’t help but imagine yourself kicking back and relaxing in full holiday mode with a cheeseboard, wine, and a barbecue sizzling in the background. 

Depending on how luxe you want to go, Kakadu Caravans feature hot showers, queen beds with lift-up storage, double glazed windows, ensuites, air-con, heating, microwave, TV, leather upholstery, RV wifi, and full kitchen and laundry facilities. So move over fancy overseas holidays — caravanning around our amazing state is the new family dream.

“After a tumultuous  12 months, many families are opting to take the kids out of school for a wild adventure in one of our caravans. Families tend to fall in love with the Kakadu Spirit Black Series, Kakadu Mulga or the Wanderer Xtreme”

And here’s a hot tip — if you travel during school holidays, your kids will find a crew of similar aged kids. They’ll spend hours riding bikes, playing cricket and footy and making lasting memories with their new friends. 

Whether you’re after a pre-loved van or a brand new fancy Kakadu Caravan, pop in and meet our mate Michael at Adelaide City Caravans. Michael knows everything there is to know about finding the right van for your family… and he might also inspire you to live your best life and go on that adventure you’ve always dreamed of. 

Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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