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Some people say that South Australians speak “differently” than the rest of the country. I don’t have the heart to tell them that’s because we speak “proper” English and everyone else sounds bogan.

The amount of South Australians who get asked, “What part of England are you from?” is outrageous (and a little bit awesome). Who do those Eastern-staters think they are with their Devon and Milk Bars? It’s Fritz (or Bung Fritz) and Deli’s! So, I’ve made a list, 30 things that South Australians say. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hayley xx

1. “Heaps good!”

2. “Let’s get a Des’s Mini Bus.”


3. “Want to prank Bob Francis”

4. “What school did you go to?”

5. “Oh, you live in BUUUURNSIDE.”

6. When going overseas. “Mum, can you send me FruChocs?”

7. If someone looks a bit dodgy and wearing baggy jeans, they are, “Such a townie.”

8. “Guy Sebastian lived here.” (Says everyone who lives in Paradise).

9. When your fave band is touring Australia, “Bloody hell, my fave band is skipping bloody Adelaide again!!!! But they’re going to PERTH? WTF!”

10. “Meet you at the Balls.”

11. When showing off to an interstate friend,  “Yeah we have the best wine in the world.“

12. “I’m so hung over. Let’s go to the servo and get a litre of Farmers Union.”


13. “How good is Foodland?!”

14. “Can my child please have a piece of Bung Fritz?”

15. “I’m craving a Balfours Frog Cake.”

16. “Is Vilis open?”

11033181_1453735181586203_1251019707020202091_nImage credit: Cafe de Vilis


17. “Woodies lemonade is THE. BEST.”

18. “Did you go to a private school?”

19. “Mum, I’m going on a school excursion to the Investigator Science Centre!”

20. “I live in Paradise. No really, it’s called Paradise!”

21. “What time did you do Lofty in?”

22.  When ordering lunch, “Can I please have a double-cut salad roll?”

BpuMZ-FCcAA9YzEImage credit:

23. “Darnce”. “Charnce.”

24. Three years ago — “Oh shit, I just missed Southern Expressway, AGAIN, it’s going the other way!”

25. “Don’t hit the Stobie pole.”

26. “It’s a parmie, not a parma.”

27. Elizabeth is pronounced “Lizbef” by locals.

28. “Adelaide has the worst drivers.”

29. “OMG it just snowed at Mount Lofty!”

30. “I’ll have two AB’s please.”

31. “Meet you at Heaven”


Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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