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By Jess Caire

Conversations with Juliet Lever

Three years ago Juliet was a self confessed  “stressed out workaholic, chocaholic, shopaholic and borderline alcoholic.  She suffered severe anxiety, and to cope would distract herself from her feelings. On the surface she had it all – a successful job, marriage, a nice house and car. Deep down though beneath all these external successes she was lost and unfulfilled”

Now she has totally relaunched her life, and through this journey has dedicated her career to helping other women do the same and has just released her first book.

Juliet, this is quite the transformation – tell us what was the pain point for you, that made you realise you had to change something?

It has been a huge transformation!

I got a big wake up call one day talking to a complete stranger actually!

He asked me such a simple question, but it totally changed my entire life.

He asked me “what do you do outside of work Juliet?” – and I could not answer the question.

Well, not unless I told him that I drink wine, eat chocolate and buy expensive clothes.

I realised in that moment that something very significant had to change in my life.

I realised suddenly I wanted so much more for my life than my present reality. I knew I had a deeper purpose for being alive.

You are spiritual person, and you describe that you had an awakening – can you tell us more about that?

Yes! Well the ironic thing is that I was anything but spiritual for a large part of my life – I blocked it, and even (I hate to admit) mocked people who were spiritual! I thought they were absolutely insane.

But one day, a few months after that conversation that changed my life I had an experience I could not explain. The only way I can describe what happened is that I had a direct conversation with my soul, or my higher self. It was like nothing I had ever experienced in my life, and I realised in that moment that my purpose in this life is to reconnect people to their soul so that they too may find their soul’s purpose.

What was that period of change like for you? You turned your life on its head, that must have been painful – not just for you but those in your life as well?

Oh wow, so many changes! I mean, I ended my marriage and quit my corporate job in the space of less than a year. Plus I started delving into all sorts of spiritual things that even I used to think were crazy. So yes, my family and friends are amazing and supportive – they must have been worried at times… but also I’m sure it would have been fascinating to watch from the sidelines!

But with the beauty of hindsight I believe that a short-term period of pain is far better than a lifetime of unhappiness!

When did you realise that your journey could then be of assistance to other women?

It was when I was on a Bali retreat actually, a few months after leaving my marriage. At the retreat we were guided through a period of 24 hours of silence and towards the end of the silent day I began journaling my life story and my thoughts flowed onto the paper.

I remember thinking two things – First, I want to start a business to reconnect women to their soul purpose in life and Second, I would love to run retreats for women in Bali! Now I do both of these things and I know it’s why I was born.

Jumping from that into actually then running retreats and programs is full on – and you must have to share your story and vulnerability over and over? What is that like to bare all – all the time?   

When I am vulnerable it gives my clients and retreat guests permission to do to the same. And truly, it’s from that authentic and vulnerable space that the real magic can flow.

For example, at every single retreat and workshop I run the women always tell me how bizarre it is that they feel like they are life-long friends within a matter of hours.

That simply doesn’t happen unless people feel safe to be their authentic selves. And a group always reflects its leader. So – vulnerability beginning with myself and my story is just part of the process.

Tell us more about your new book and what is one takeaway from it that is a game changer for todays stressed out women? I think on some level we can all relate to this “stressed out, workaholic, shopaholic, chocaholic, alcoholic lifestyle”.

Oh, thank you! My book is incredible. I am so proud of it, it took a long time to put together because, honestly – most books bore me! I had to make sure the book would be interesting enough for me to read over and over again!

Each chapter is divided into 3 sections. The first, is a segment from my journey, the second is some information or useful guidance to inspire the reader and the third is an activity or take way to implement in your life.

One take away I’d like women to take away if they are feeling particularly stressed out is from Chapter 6 in my book titled ‘Reconnect To Your Soul’ and this simple exercise goes as follows (and can be done in a matter of seconds, right now!):


Step 1) Place your hands on your heart, palm down.

Step 2) Close your eyes and breathe deeply three times.

Step 3) Out loud, ask ‘heart, what have you been trying to tell me,’ or ‘Soul, what do you need to say to me?’

Step 4) Listen with your feelings.

You may receive words. You may receive a feeling. You may see a picture in your mind’s eye.

If you struggle with this activity, take a deep breath, and simply practice listening a little closer, perhaps whilst you are somewhere in nature. Sometimes I get the word ‘relax’, sometimes I’ll see green grass which reminds me to get into nature. Sometimes I’ll hear the name of a friend I’ve been meaning to call, so I’ll call her! It’s a beautiful way to connect to the truth that lives inside and learn to listen to the things that matter beneath all of the errands, stress and to do lists of today’s busy lifestyles.

Image Credit :: Juliet Lever

Now we know you love the ocean, what is your fav SA beach spot?

Yes, you’re right – I absolutely love the ocean and boy are these cold winter months tough on me!

My favourite SA beach spot has to be my local, the inlet at Port Noarlunga near Southport Beach. It’s amazing because you can bob about in the inlet and let the waves take you into the mouth of the river or you can swim out into the ocean and catch the surf.

It’s a hidden gem… but probably not for long!

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Love, Jess x

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