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School holidays, *deep breath*. 

In some ways, it’s nice to have a circuit breaker from the hustle of morning mayhem, the niggling of unfinished homework and the dreaded lunch box packing. In other (less desirable) ways, we have our kids home with us for two weeks straight — bickering, constantly snacking and nagging us about being bored. 

I really notice a ‘sport void’ in the school holidays with the majority of the kids’ regular sports coming to a stop for that time — which means less structure and physical outlet, and more pressure to fill those gaps with activities where they would usually be running around and exhausting themselves.

The trap here is that with all this ‘spare time’, they tend to gravitate more to screens, (and let’s be honest, screen time serves a place in the short term). However, you then end up in a battle to get them off the screens as it makes them lazy and unimaginative! I always feel the need to do a ‘post school holiday screen detox’ because despite all your good intentions, the screen time slowly creeps up, and then suddenly you are faced with raging crazy-eyed screen addicts! (Slight exaggeration, but you get my gist). 

In saying all this, I find it really helps to have some fun activities planned throughout the holidays to keep some sort of structure and give the kids (and me) something to look forward to. I’ve done some research and put together some suggestions of ACTIVE things to do with your kids. Hopefully it will wear them out so at the very least — you can get them to bed easily every night (and curl up in peace with your Netflix in the evening)!


Experience the thrill of immersive football skills and entertainment at AFL Max. Located in Adelaide’s west, this state-of-the-art facility offers a range of activities to keep kids active and engaged during school holidays. From bouncing high in the Aerial Zone to conquering the rock climbing walls in the Climb Zone, AFL Max ensures a dynamic and fun-filled experience for the entire family.

Sharpen football skills in the Test and Tackle Zone, or embrace the excitement of video games in the Interactive Zone – there’s something for every child at AFL Max!

Book in here!

Image credit :: AFL Max


Just because kids’ sport ceases for the holidays, it doesn’t mean your kids can’t take this opportunity to improve their skills and take their game to the next level.

International Sports Camps Australia run coaching clinics for a variety of sports for children of all skill levels aged between 5 – 15. Experienced coaches and elite level players will provide a structured program over 3 days improving not only skills and fitness, but confidence and independence as well.

Sports offered include:

  • Basketball
  • Football (AFL)
  • Netball
  • Soccer

Drop your kids off and have some time to yourself — guilt free!

For more information or to book, visit their website HERE.

Image credit :: International Sports Camps


If you want a fun day out, plan a drive (ideally with a friend and their kids for some company) to the new TreeClimb Kuitpo Forest. If you’re in the mood for adventure — book yourself in and give the course a crack with the kids for a bit of an adrenaline rush and a giggle.

If you’re more in the mood to sit down and have a coffee in peace and an uninterrupted conversation, (I personally fall into this category), book the kids in, sit back and relax. I GUARANTEE  they will be so amused by the multi-level challenge courses, extended zip-line loops and the suspended aerial nets, that you will not hear a peep from them until they realise they are parched and hangry.

On that note, there is a cafe with food and drinks to purchase, but you are also welcome to BYO picnic and eat amongst the Kuitpo forest wonderland, ideally on one of those glorious sunny Autumn days. See you there!

Note: You can also attend TreeClimb in the Parklands off Greenhill Road. 


Working parents, this is a ‘drop and go’ option. I repeat — DROP AND GO!!!

Now I wouldn’t necessarily call this a ‘cheap’ activity, particularly if you’re booking more than one child, but for the sake of being child free for a full day (8.30am – 5.00pm), and having your child come home utterly exhausted from a day of adventure… it may be worth looking at. 

For $70, your child will experience all the fun and challenges that Woodhouse has to offer — but will be fully supervised by the Woodhouse staff (with a 1:9 staff to child ratio). Every day has a slightly different theme (check their website for details), but will always include time on the Challenge Hill obstacle course and a private Tube Slide session (weather permitting).

Alternatively — if you want a fun family day out and a cheaper alternative, book yourselves into Woodhouse independently and tackle all the adventures this 54 hectare property has to offer at your own pace. Pack a picnic or use the BBQ facilities when you need to refuel (and you will)! Oh, and depending on how ‘adventurous’ you are — pack some spare clothes and shoes.


  • Under 5: Free
  • Children (5 – 15 years): $16
  • Concession Card: Free
  • Adults: (16 years+): $20
  • Companion Card: Free
  • Family Pass (2 adults and 2 children or 1 adult and 3 children): $60

Image credit :: Woodhouse Activity Centre


This is the playground to top all playgrounds friends, and with the help of the Northern Expressway, it is such a quick and easy drive (around 45 minutes from the CBD and only 10 minutes drive from Salisbury centre). Best of all — it won’t cost you a cent!

Set on four hectares by the seafront, everything at St Kilda Adventure Playground is large and impressive. There’s a three level castle on top of a hill with slides and a drawbridge, a ‘volcano’ hill with slides spilling out from its centre, a wooden pirate ship, an epic flying fox, a bouncy boomerang, climbing nets, a maze, a selection of swings and sand play and even a basketball court. There is something for all ages and all the amenities that make for an easy day out. Bring up some snags and a loaf of bread and make use of the bbq facilities. The amount of stairs your kids will climb that day will have them ravenous!

Image credit :: St Kilda Adventure Playground

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