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My husband and I just sold our first home. It was quite emotional saying goodbye, but those sad tears quickly turned into happy tears when we got the price we wanted! I didn’t realise just how important styling is when it comes to selling a house. I just assumed that buyers walk into a home and are creative enough to imagine what it would look like with their furniture and what goes where. They’re not. It’s like Tinder: swipe right for a house with style, swipe left for one with gross furniture. When I’m scrolling through houses on that if a house is riddled with hideous furniture, I ‘swipe left’.

So, we enlisted an expert home stylist by the name of Holly Beauchamp from Open Door Home Staging. She’ll help us all become better stylists and understand the importance of ‘nice things’ when it comes to selling our homes.

Hayley xx

5 Tips on how to present your house for sale

By Holly Beauchamp, from Open Door Home Staging

The way that you live in your home and the way that you sell your house are two different things. This quote says it all and really defines what you need to do in order to present your house for sale. It is about changing your mindset to check out emotionally before you can check out physically. To successfully present your house for sale, it is about telling a story to potential buyers by creating an inviting mood, warmth and having suitable furniture and homewares – all things as a home stager, I can help you with.

Here are my 5 tips to get you on your way!

1. Curb Appeal

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Did you know thousands of dollars can be knocked off the sale price due to an un-kept garden? I recommend having your garden neat and tidy. Top up mulch, trim hedges, clean out gutters, remove dead plants, ensure your letterbox is in good nick and the number is clear

2. The Entrance

Your front door needs to be accessible and a clear path leading to it. Ensure your door is in good condition and clean with no clutter around the area.

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3. Depersonalise

So you have stuff, who doesn’t! And of course you can, because you have been living in your home. But as soon as you want to sell, it is really important to pack up all things that are personal to you. Also remember to remove items of value from view.

4. Colour

I love having a subtle decorating theme, it helps with the flow of the home. A turn off is when lots of things are going on – colour here, there and everywhere! I don’t believe your house should be cream with no oomph to it, but just tone it down with splashes of colour that work well together in your art and homewares.

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5. Clean

Clean like there is no tomorrow! It is just so important to present your house sparkling clean and smelling fresh. Things that can often be missed are kitchen cupboards, lights, taps, curtains and spider webs hanging from the ceiling. Of course there are many other things that play a huge part in preparing your house for sale, which at times can be really overwhelming. I offer a down to earth approach to help you get your house ready for sale. Every client is unique and therefore I tailor the home staging experience to meet your individual needs and budget. Please contact me to book your Key to a Sale Home Staging Consultation.

Holly xx

For more of Holly Beauchamp contact her at Open Door Home Staging

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Hayley Pearson

Hayley Pearson

Co-Creator and Writer for Adelady, she still gets goosebumps that she’s combined her creative passion with sharing the best of her stunning home state.

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  • I agree that curb appeal definitely helps in selling your house because it is the first thing that buyers will see and will give them a great first impression of your house. Nice blog by the way and thanks for sharing.

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