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By Style Coach Rachel Tansell-Paues



Feeling guilty when you’re a Mum, is pretty normal. Anything that we once did for ourselves, becomes a guilty pleasure and no longer a necessity. So much changes when your precious baby arrives – even when you think it won’t! Our time is dedicated to nappy changes, feeding schedules, erratic sleep patterns, on top of that, maintaining a household, a relationship with your partner, social outings with family and friends and if you return to work, a whole lot of other time related expectations and demands.

We really do put a lot on ourselves to hold it all together and to have everything. In the process we can sometimes loose ourselves. Not all of it, just sections whether it be your favourite things to do, exercising, eating well, going dancing with the girls or just getting your hair done at a salon which insists on giving you a head massage and hot towel treatment!

Here are 5 top tips for any Adelady who may have lost themselves after having a baby.

Go on a date:

Sometimes as a mum you get caught up in baby world. That’s ok but if you feel like you have lost yourself then it is time to grab your partner and romance it a little. If getting out of the house to your favourite restaurant is far too hard, then Google local restaurants and have it delivered right to your door. Spark some mood lighting with a few candles, put on your favourite tunes, grab some pillows and a picnic blanket and have a dining experience on your lounge room floor. This is much more fun and relaxed than the usual dining table ritual – you can be comfortable and enjoy the moment. Plus if bub interrupts, they can lay on the blanket next to you and enjoy the atmosphere as much as you are.

Try for delivery to your door!

 Pamper yourself:

 If you have let your eyebrows, bikini line and legs merge into a forest, it’s time to dedicate a couple of hours to be primped and plucked. While you’re there, add on a half hour facial or massage just to get you relaxed and ready to return to mum duties. Adelaide has some great beauty salons that combine services such as hairstylists, beauticians, massage therapists and cosmeticians. You are allowed to have some guilt free you-time, so hand bubs over to your significant other, grandparents or family and book an appointment today.

Try Adelaide’s full concept salon – a one stop shop!

Get out of the house:

Yeah right you say. Seriously though, if you feel like a little bit of you has been put in the “save it for later” pile, find something that is baby friendly whether it be mums and bubs at the movies, a walking group, catch up with a girlfriend at a kid friendly restaurant or a day at the park. Fresh air will give you a new perspective on your day, break up your daily routine and hopefully help bubs sleep. Otherwise, blow all that and dedicate a monthly outing with your gal pals. Get your dancing shoes on, grab a fabulous dinner and have some much needed time away from the couch. You may not feel like it, but I can guarantee, once you are heading out the door and on your way, one deep breath will have you ready to groove the night away.

Try for current movies and session times for mums and bubs.

Wear your trackies with purpose:

If you are wearing trackies and sneakers as your go to out fit, how about putting that outfit to work as it is intended. Depending on how old bubs is, you won’t want to push it too hard but there are some great mum and bubs exercise programs around. They will cater to your needs and ensure you are exercising right.Try your agility with yoga or pilates, build strength with outdoor exercise groups, increase cardio with walking groups or join your local gym that has a child minding service and personal trainer who can create a personalised exercise program. Alternatively, put baby in the pram, fill up a bottle of water and head out the door for half an hour exploring the neighbourhood. It doesn’t have to cost anything to get a bit of exercise in.

Try outdoor exercise at the beach or for mums and bubs pilates.

Hire a Style Coach™:

Without too much selfless promotion, an accredited Style Coach™ such as myself can help you come to terms with your body changes and identify key pieces that will have you looking and feeling your best, even when you are at your worst. Talking from personal experience, having someone show me the basics for my body and guide me to the right cuts and colours changed everything after having my first baby – including wanting to be a Style Coach™ and focusing on women in transition. With lots of experience in change room therapy and an Honors in Style Coaching™, I can assure that your confidence will be boosted – in and out – and your body dysmorphia will recede into the background. If you feel like you have lost yourself after having a baby and your not sure what to do next, why not give a go!

Try for a Wardrobe Detox, Personal shopping experience or Outfit Organiser session.

If you have any questions, please ask below!

Rachel x

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