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It’s not a party until Kytons hits the scene.

Two reasons why 2023 is extra special: 1) Kytons is celebrating a whopping 85 years in business, and 2) Darren and Sharon Sutton are celebrating 20 years at the helm of this SA great!

This family-owned business in Edwardstown has been baking up a storm since 1938, creating lamingtons, Chrissy puds, mince pies and other goodies that are an absolute staple at any South Australian celebration. And for 20 of those years, Darren and Sharon have been the proud owners. “When we first bought Kytons it mainly serviced the fundraising market. Over the last 20 years, not only have we maintained the community side of the business, but you’ll now find Kytons in over 200 stockists across SA as well as at our retail store in Edwardstown and online! It’s a great privilege being the custodians of an SA company that is so fondly thought of and enjoyed by so many South Australians,” says Darren.

If you’re someone who is challenged in the baking department, you can always be grateful for the good people who whip up sweet treats so we don’t have to. We’re sharing a couple of our Adelady dessert tricks so you can celebrate every occasion with Kytons!

Reindeer pudding pops

Kytons Christmas Puddings, which recently won first prize at a National Christmas Pudding Competition, are packed with festive flavour and are the perfect base for these pudding pops. Simply break off sections of a Kytons Christmas Pudding and roll into a tight ball (they hold together because their puddings are so moist!). Then, dip into melted chocolate and leave to set on a tray lined with baking paper. Before the chocolate is completely hard, insert two pretzels as ears, pop on two edible googly eyes (found in your local supermarket) and a red M&M for a nose. Voila — Rudolph and his friends have arrived! Alternatively, you can simply dress up the Kytons Mini Christmas Puddings in a similar way. There are plenty more tips, tricks and delicious treats on their website.

Lamington birthday cake

Why slave over the stove, crafting a creative cake, when you’ve got Kytons Lamingtons to do all the heavy lifting for you? You can pick your favourite lammie flavour from Traditional, Coffee, Raspberry or bite-size Mini Lamingtons, then get to work laying them out to mark the occasion and decorate with fresh fruit, lollies, chocolates, candles, or leave them as-is in their scrumptious glory. Some other lamington display ideas include:

• Numerically for a birthday celebration

• A love heart for Valentine’s Day

• A Christmas tree for the silly season

We’ve opted to celebrate 85 years of Kytons, with an 85-lamington cake of course!




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