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Images by Jame Farm Days

We’ve found doggy paradise. And there’s a bus that takes your pooch right there!

Dog owners: sit, stay and listen up! There’s a wondrous place for your four-legged friends that will have them thinking they’ve died and crossed the rainbow bridge. It’s called Jame Farm Days and your doggos will be begging, high-fiving and rolling over with excitement to get there!

Jame Farm Days is an outdoor doggy daycare located on 10 acres of custom built and fully fenced farmland in the Adelaide Hills. Just picture the sights, smells and space their lucky paws get to explore, all whilst socialising with a pack of other furry friends! The cherry on top? They come and pick up your pooch from your choice of 18 designated ‘pup stops’ around Adelaide and then drop them back to that same spot at the end of the day. It’s like a school bus for dogs — next stop: paradise!

Teagan and Kobi Jame are the husband and wife team behind this brilliant business. With over 20 years of combined animal experience, they started Jame Farm Days to facilitate the social, mental and physical benefits canines receive from spending the day with a pack of other pooches. “We all just want the absolute best life for our dogs,” says Teagan. “We see some dogs that are bursting with energy and just want to run all day long, and others that are happy just sniffing around and exploring the land. We’re happy, if they’re happy.”


At Jame Farm, the dogs lead the way when it comes to their adventures. Whether it’s playing chasey, taking a swim or digging around in the new sandpit — they’ll find something to make their tails wag.

The dedicated staff at Jame Farm Days are always supervising, and take plenty of photos and videos, which they share to Instagram throughout the day. It’s an absolute thrill to see your dog living their best life diving in the pond, weaving through the tunnel and enjoying new scents as far as their happy little snouts can sniff. As an added bonus, you can utilise the dog washing service at Jame Farm and have your pooch returned to you squeaky clean!

If you have a dog that thrives on adventure, loves to explore and enjoys meeting new furry friends, Jame Farm Days is the place for them. For those who are familiar with the Rainbow Bridge poem… pretty sure this place is the earthside equivalent



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